CNY Events


THe golden richie event is back and its almost the same becuz the pigs are there and u require 20 n,e,w,s and one empty compass but now u only can enter at 8pm-10pm(UTC+08:00)and they no longer drop exp and u only can enter one map

The other event is the New Year event and u have to collect Letters

its hard as the drop rate of this letters are low but they drop from all monsters!( no idea do it drop at sg and m’sia maps) and u will get a devil scroll and u can exchange it for a magic box by trading 50 charms of undead to a npc which is left portal of kerning city

and u can unlock it by talking to mr pickall by giving him 10k mesos and the rewards are totally random i so far got 5 screws and 100 watermelon..

another event is the maple ring event and i have talked abt it in my previous previous post( if im not wrong =.=)

and another event is the

GaGa Fireworks Event!

the event is simple like the maple tree and xmas event, u just have to collect power kegs and hand them to gaga( the part-time bunny) u can enter the map via cassandra

and when the bar is finished( i think lost of aliens will pop out and u have to kill them to get the fairy pendent coupon and redeem it at the npc grandpa moon bunny and the fairy pendent only works for 6 hrs =.=

last event is dong dong chiang

quite hard to kill and it took me 15mins or so to kill it and it doesnt drop maple weapon easily =.=

tomorrow maplesea is breaking its limit by patch till ver 1.00( so called ver 100!) i wanna see it when patch but i have school)

see you guys 2moro!

one picture abt the quest:

i transform into a moon bunny by using the red packet the dong dong chiang dropped and i went to this event map and took this picture