HOT time event

Well after the big bang alot of people got their sp reseted as new skills were available and removal of skills! now maplesea is rewarding maplers with sp reset scrolls! and we got a certain chance of getting something else like….
• image 1 X Sweetness Cash Emotion (Permanent) to 670 lucky Maplers for each World Server!
• image 1 X Wink Cash Emotion (Permanent) to 670 lucky Maplers for each World Server!
• image 1 X Ouch Cash Emotion (Permanent) to 670 lucky Maplers for each World Server

YEAH and more like…

• I’m a Lucky Guy Medal to 1 Luckiest Mapler for Each World Server!image

the gms also tell maplers the rules and thers a patch for updating the dcing issues and trapped in a map issues if you want more info go

this are the rules of the hot time event

Event Details and Disclaimers

• Only characters above level 13 and has completed 1st Job Advancement will receive Cassandra’s Supply Box.
• In order to receive your SP reset you must not be in the MTS, Cash Shop, or on any transportation ship/boat/plane.
• We advise all Maplers to be located at a map that is not too crowded to prevent delay in receiving Cassandra’s Supply Box in your inventory.
• You will need to have 1 free USE slot in your inventory in order to receive Cassandra’s Supply Box.
• To prevent and avoid server congestion and unexpected character disconnection, we advise maplers to open up Cassandra’s Supply Box at different timings between 1430hrs to 2330hrs.
• There will not be any reimbursement for loss of reward due to unexpected disconnection of any reason. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Maplesea BigBang!

Well hi guys it me agn.. sorry for not updating the blog due to no patch in maplesea, yesterday maplesea had its big bang patch at 7am but end at 6pm and alot of people are still trying hard to have their client patched. well the resistance are coming on 25th may and mechanic at 6th june, there is also a ring event that gms ring event called the evolving ring event 1st u get a ring which have no stats at all u nid to stay in maple for 1 hr and it will automactically changed to evolving ring II lvl 2 which have 25 hp and still untradeable. i will upload a few pic on how to get into and find cody and get the ring plus the ring to evolve ur ring the 2nd time or more. talk to the mirror

then choose event map

talk to cody and click i wan a ring and he will give you one and dont log out if your ring is still lvl 0 as if you log out your ring will be gone and have to restart the quest

click i want to upgrade my ring when ur ring have upgraded to the 1st lvl and and he will give you a potion to upgrade your ring

he will give you this item and you will have to log in for one hour without leaving the game.

i will post a video abt the ring and you would be able to view it in an hour

here are the videos