New Updates!

There is Minor Patch and Server Maintenance on today 9am-3pm(quite long isnt it?) okay…

The Maintenance includes:

• Hacking prevention updates
• End of Pink Bean Chocolate Giveaway for Pink Bean Gachapon Event
• Start of 6th Anniversary Gachapon Stamps Event
• Implementation of MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package

and new patch of course which includes theThank You Maplers Event 5 – MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package!

only 66% of the maplers are able to receive the gift( i think its total mapler for the MapleSea?) which includes this all 8 items!



In order to be be eligible to get MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package that will be given out randomly to everyone, you need to fulfill the following criteria.


  1. Maple account contains at least ONE level 50 and above character irregardless which world of the respective Gateway
  2. Maple account was login at least 6 times between 22nd March to 21st June 2011. (of the respective Gateway by any character in the the same Gateway
  3. Event Details and Disclaimers
    • Upon fulfilling both requirements, any characters in the same gateway that access Cash Shop will be able to redeem MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package.
    • You will be prompt to receive each individual item of MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package.
    • If you do not wish to use the character to receive the free cash item, you may choose to reject to receive it and use another character to access Cash Shop to redeem it again.
    Availability of getting of MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package will end on 1200hrs (+8 GMT)  24th June 2011.
    • Maple accounts that did not fully redeem all 8 cash items by 1200hrs (+8 GMT)  24th June 2011 will automatically forfeit their chances to redeem them.
    • Giveaway package is given out randomly by system to maple accounts that fulfilled the criteria as stated above.

The Things they given out is quite nice isnt it?( Although i only wan the sok (scissors or karma)) hehe, i hope everyone will be lucky enought to get the things!

Ohya last thing to say, im quitting maple soon due to studies(‘o’ level next yr) =.=

i will miss you guys!