Few Days after the rise of resistance…

It has been a few days after the rise of the resistance patch..

Okay lets get this started, after the patch there is certain issues with game, maps and skills bugs

1st is game bugs as there are many people online most of the time, the server gets very laggy( even for me) and we would get disconnected once in awhile

2nd is map bugs, due to the big bang patch, some map area is removed and some map items is removed and theres a bug like the ariant map we could stand on air(  you are like WTF right?) yeah i hope game masters are going to solve this soon enough in this server maintance.

3rd is the skill bugs like wild hunters’s ricochet and paladin’s combat orders

wild hunters’ricochet got bugs as if you use on certain map and spam them on the jaguars, you will disconnect from the game( i quitted my wild hunter and joined the battle mage due to this) and the 2nd skill bug is combat orders of paladin.

im not every sure of this bug as i heard from my friends is that combat orders when used, it cause the whole party( yeah Whole party) to disconnect from the game itself so paladin isnt quite popular now due to the bug and no people are adding paladin into their party unless needed.

yeah so i hope everyone will like the big bang patch and get used to it soon!

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