Reimbursement for 43 hrs server maintenance!

You saw the title~ Maplestory SEA gm is giving us a reimbursement for the 43 hrs server maintenance as to apologize for the long hours by giving us 1 reg hair coupon, 1 reg hair colour coupon,1ap reset( 1 point), and 4 safe charms! the reg hair and reg hair colour was great! i love it as it gives me crap hair styles HAHA but its gd thought ! hope you are lucky to get good hair styles haha and also gm is giving us 2x exp event. Yes you heard me! 2x exp! it has been a long time since i heard 2x exp as we now commonly use 1.5x or 1.2x exp! now the 2x is so great! im going to train my soul master to make a UA(ultimate adventurer)

Lvl 120 4th job and Dragon nest SEA

On 17 july i finally reach 4th job and job advanced to blade master using my dual blade… i hate to repost this but i had no choice as the wordpress didnt seems to have the data that i wrote this blog… ok lets continue!

Heres the video of me doing my job advancement and lvl 120

And the close beta of dragon nest sea was released and i played as a warrior class

Sorry for not posting for a few patch or events

Im so sorry that i didnt post any details of the event or do any event and show it to you guys.. there another event coming up which most of the time i wont be able to be online as i am having school at that time.  Heres an event coming up!:

Gaga Blast of Celebration 2! EXP and Drop Rate Events!


Total of 1,000 winners will receive the following rewards randomly from each world!.


Event Schedule



Event Details

  1. This event will be held in game, Henesys Park at channel 6.
  2. Prior to Gaga’s Blast of Celebration Event, Players must crack the secret combination of Gaga’s Secret Code.
  3. Gaga’s Secret Code is a 4 digits numerical code between 1000 to 9999.
  4. Maplers are to break the code by broadcasting the code to Gaga via any type of Megaphones.
  5. Upon breaking Gaga’s Secret Code, GM will reveal the Generic Event Code for redemption to everyone inside Henesys Park at channel 6.
  6. Maplers are required to login to Asiasoft Passport to redeem a unique 30 digit item redemption code from “MapleSEA Events Code Redemption”Tab by key in the Generic Code given by GM during the event.
  7. There will be 1,000 rewards worth up to 6 millions Maple Cash in cash items and in-game items up for grabs for each world everyday!
  8. A different generic code will be announce in each world.
  9. Each Asiasoft Passport ID can only redeem 1 unique 30 digit game redemption code from the MapleSEA Events Redemption Code Tab in AsiaSoft Passport from each generic code that was broadcast during the event.
  10. Please copy down the Item Code IMMEDIATELYbefore you exit the redemption page. You will not be able to retrieve back the unique item code once you exit or refresh the redemption page.
  11. No reimbursement will be given for any claims of loss of redemption or unique item code for any reason.
  12. Maplers are to enter Cash Shop and redeem the 30 digit game redemption code to receive the mysterious reward.
  13. All rewards are randomly given by system, so players will get plentiful of surprises in the month of July.
  14. Rewards ranges from AP Reset (5), SP Reset Scroll, Cash Packages, Cash Item, Chairs and in-game consumables will be given on a first come first serve and while stocks last basis!

Rules & Regulations
• No reimbursement will be given for any claims of loss of redemption or unique item code for any reason.
Each Asiasoft Passport ID can only redeem 1 unique 30 digit game redemption code from the MapleSEA Events Redemption Code Tab in AsiaSoft Passport from each generic event code that was broadcast during the event.
• The GM’s decision will be final and binding.


Gaga Blast of Celebration 3! Gaga Hot Time Event!

The stakes are increased for this round of Hot Time! We will be giving out rewards worth up to 20 Million Maple Cash for each world!

On this coming Saturday, 16th July 2011, Exactly 1400hrs (+8 GMT) this very minute, EVERY CHARACTER that is in-game will receive a Cassandra’s Supply Box in their inventory!
You have until 2359hrs on the same day to open itup to get the rewards for this event!

In it, contains;

1 X AP Reset Scroll
1 X SP Reset Scroll!

image image

AP Reset Scrollallows you to reset 1 AP (Ability Point) from 1 attribute to another. Choose 1 AP from HP, MP, STR, DEX, INT or LUK and allocate it to another attribute.


When SP Reset Scroll is used, it will reset all your Skill Points except your beginner’s skills back into your Skill Points Pool!
Upon receiving it, you will have 7 days to use it.

That’s not all!

To celebrate Year 2011 as a critical milestone which celebrate both the launch of Big Bang and MapleSEA and 6th Year Anniversary, there will be more rewards!
We will be giving out 2011 additional rewards for each world to randomly lucky Maplerswhen you open up Cassandra’s Supply Box!

1 of the following Cash Item to 1994 lucky Maplers for each World Server!

Owl Of minerva (5)
Blackboard : for 7 day
Aurora Ring
Lovely Party bear (5)
Wheel of Fortune (3)
Safety Charm (3)
Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant (5)
Sky Blue VIP Store Permit
Magic Hourglass [7 days]
Skin Care Coupon
VIP Hair Coupon
Blue-Hearted Quote Ring
Heart Shape Quote Ring
Kitty Quote Ring
Scoreboard Quote Ring
Blue-Ribboned Quote Ring
Chocolate Label Ring
Pink-Ribboned Label Ring
Pink Candy Label Ring
Super Megaphone (5)
VIP Teleport (5)
Miracle Cube (3)

I’m a Lucky Guy Medal to 1 Luckiest Mapler for Each World Server!


Event Details and Disclaimers

• Only characters above level 13 and has completed 1st Job Advancement will receive Cassandra’s Supply Box.
• We strongly advise Maplers to login 1 hour before the start of the event to prevent problems logging in during peak period.
• In order to receive your SP reset you must not be in the MTS, Cash Shop, or on any transportation ship/boat/plane.
• We advise all Maplers to be located at a map that is not too crowded to prevent delay in receiving Cassandra’s Supply Box in your inventory.
• You will need to have 1 free USE slot in your inventory in order to receive Cassandra’s Supply Box.
• To prevent and avoid server congestion and unexpected character disconnection, we advise maplers to open up Cassandra’s Supply Box at different timings between 1430hrs to 2330hrs.
• There will not be any reimbursement for loss of reward due to unexpected disconnection of any reason. Thank you for your kind understanding.


And the 1.5x exp and drop rate event:

Gaga Blast of Celebration 2! EXP and Drop Rate Events!

1.5X EXP Events For All Worlds (11th July 2011 to 20th July 2011)( gonna train alot =P)


Weekdays 2100hrs to 2200hrs
Weekends 1500hrs to 1600hrs
2100hrs to 2200hrs

1.5X Drop Rate Events For All Worlds (11th July 2011 to 20th July 2011)


Weekdays 2000hrs to 2100hrs
Weekends 1600hrs to 1700hrs
2000hrs to 2100hrs