Reimbursement for 43 hrs server maintenance!

You saw the title~ Maplestory SEA gm is giving us a reimbursement for the 43 hrs server maintenance as to apologize for the long hours by giving us 1 reg hair coupon, 1 reg hair colour coupon,1ap reset( 1 point), and 4 safe charms! the reg hair and reg hair colour was great! i love it as it gives me crap hair styles HAHA but its gd thought ! hope you are lucky to get good hair styles haha and also gm is giving us 2x exp event. Yes you heard me! 2x exp! it has been a long time since i heard 2x exp as we now commonly use 1.5x or 1.2x exp! now the 2x is so great! im going to train my soul master to make a UA(ultimate adventurer)