Creation of my ultimate explorer(Hero)

After days after the von leon patch, I decided to make a UE(Ultimate Explorer) and leveled up my Knight of Cygus(Soul Master) to lvl 120 and done all the quest and hunted all 10 peridots in 1hour and 30mins++!(with twin coupon of course!) If you want to add my UE i would be happy to as there is still lots of empty space in it.. I lvled my UE to lvl 55 but unfortunately due to a rollback again ._. it drop back to lvl 51 87.00% ._.

I got rollback!!!!!

I patched my MapleSea Client and i was delighted but shocked when i went online as I GOT ROLLBACK!!!!

My skill books are gone( i gotten from my friend and now it is at his use inventory) and i lost a total of 18.4k cash!!!!!! i hope the gm will take actions fast ._.