Von Leon Castle Patch (EDITED)

Oh god finally this patch is here!

Von Leon will invade Maplesea on the 17th August which is 1 week after this Post!

i cant wait for it as im stuck at lvl 123 with my dual blade and hope to get it to higher levels soon!

The trailers of the van leon patch is out too! It looks the same but the korean audio is removed and a english subtitle is added into for us to read.

And oya i get got my Mark Of Narician by buying a service worth 50m by my guildmate! it is really expensive but worth it! I will update my eq as soon as possible as not my eq really suck and i think you guys will puke after looking at it =.=

My Mark Of Narician:

Oya after the VonLeon patch you wont get to create anymore aran,dual blade and evan!

im gonna love this patch as it will removes the evan hackers when they are banned =D

but i still hope that gm fix this patch as soon as possible instead of just banning them as they are ruining the game

Last but not least is that i hope you guys will continue support me in updating infomation of maplesea!

Heres the trailer of VonLeon Patch


The GMs of Maplesea has just customise the MapleSea webpage to Von Leon theme!

The Von Leon patch also has something hidden inside it! The Guild revamp coming soon too! and plus the new maps(Chryse!)

The Ulitmate Explorer!

The Awakening of Cygnus Knights



The legion of the Knights are bestowed upon a new power by the Empress after realizing that the evil forces are back.The Knights of Cygnus will be granted new skills as well as a new alliance!

New powers for Knights of Cygnus


Upon reaching level 120, Knights of Cygnus will be able to obtain 2 new skills from Queen Cygnus.


image Empress’s Shout: Permanently increases Max HP and Max MP significantly.
image Empress’s Prayer: Increases Attack and Magic Attack for 2 hours and allows you to take on monsters of higher level.


1. Travel to Erev and speak with Queen Cygnus.
2. Complete the quest “Empress’s Grace” given by the Queen Cygnus.

Empress’s Blessing


All the characters in the same account will received a passive buff based on the level of your Knights of Cygnus.


For every 5 levels your Knights of Cygnus character gains, all the characters within the same account will have their AttackMagic AttackAccuracy, and Avoidability +1.


– All characters will receive the skill effect based on the highest level Knights of Cygnus character in the account.
– If an account has 2 Knights of Cygnus characters (KOC1 and KOC2):
– KOC1 will receive buff based on KOC2
– KOC2 will receive buff based on KOC1


Character A – level 50 (Adventurer)
Character B – level 60 (Knights of Cygnus)
Character C – level 70 (Knights of Cygnus)


– Character A and Character B will receive buff based on Character C.
– Character B will receive buff based on Character C.
– Character C will receive buff based on Character B.




Empress’s Blessing does not stack with Blessing of the Fairy. The character will receive buff from whichever skill is the highest level.



A New Alliance



Due to the alliance forged between Knights of Cygnus and Explorers, the Explorers are able to gain benefits from the Empress’ power.

Empress’s Might


This is a skill available to all Explorer at level 70. In order to receive the quest to obtain Empress’s Might, you must have a level 120 Knights of Cygnus.

imageEmpress’s Might: A passive skill that allows your character to equip item up to 10 levels of your current level.



How to receive it?


1. A quest will appear as a light bulb on the character’s head at level 70.
2. Complete the quest given by your 1st job instructor.
3. Travel to Erev and speak with the Queen Cygnus to obtain the skill.




The character must still meet the stats requirements of the item to equip it.


Knight of Cygnus Skills

The main advantage of the alliance is the ability to tap on the power of the Cygnus knights. They are now able to learn the attacking skills that the Knights of Cygnus wields!

image Warriors – Mihile’s Soul Driver
image Magicians – Oz’s Flame Gear
image Bowmen – Irena’s Wind Piercing 
image Thieves – Eckhart’s Vampire
image Pirates – Hawkeye’s Shark Wave


1. Character level must be level 70 and have completed 3rd job advancement.
2. Character must have already obtained the skill Empress’ Might.
3. Travel to Erev and speak with the instructor that represents your class.
4. Complete the quest given by the instructor to gain the skills.




The skills can be raise after achieving every 10 levels and completing the quest.


The Ultimate Explorer



In order to stop the Black Mage, Cygnus Knights have entrusted all of their strengths and hope to a new generation of Explorer. An Ultimate Explorer is the successor of the Knights of Cygnus, they inherit the powers and duty of their predecessor.

How to create an Ultimate Explorer?


Knights of Cygnus character who have achieved level 120 and have completed the “Empress’s Grace”quest are able to create an Ultimate Explorer now!


1. Achieved level 120 and complete the “Empress’s Grace” quest.
2. Speak with Queen Cygnus in Erev.
3. Choose your desire In-game Name, class, Face, and Hair.




1. Your account MUST have an empty slot.
2. One account can only create an Ultimate Explorer ONCE.
3. You will NOT be able to create another Ultimate Explorer again if you deleted the first Ultimate Explorer.

Starting off as an Ultimate Explorer


– Ultimate Explorer character will start with level 50, and has the skills of both Explorer and Knights of Cygnus.
– Ultimate Explorer will inherit the predecessor’s gender and skin color.
– They will share the same cash shop wardrobe with regular Explorer class.

Ultimate Power awaits the new Explorer


Ultimate Explorer surpasses their predecessor and is stronger! They are been bestow upon exclusive Knights of Cygnus skills by the Queen Cygnus. Depending on the class of your Ultimate Explorer, you will receive one of the skills below:

image Warriors – Mihile’s Soul Driver
image Magicians – Oz’s Flame Gear
image Bowmen – Irena’s Wind Piercing 
image Thieves – Eckhart’s Vampire
image Pirates – Hawkeye’s Shark Wave


The skill will automatically level up each time your Ultimate Explorer gains 10 levels. The max level for the skills is 5


imageEmpress’s Might: A passive skill that allows your character to equip item up to 10 levels of your current level.

Empress’ Equipment


Not only will the Ultimate Explorer received a new power, they will be given a set of Empress’ equipment to aid them in their mission. As soon as Ultimate Explorer is created, they will receive a set of equipment and a successor medal. The set consist of:

Empress’s Fine Set level 60

– Empress’s Fine Hat
– Empress’s Fine Gloves
– Empress’s Fine Shoes
– Empress’s Fine Robe
– Empress’s Fine Weapon (Job specific weapon)

Empress’s Fine Set level 80

– Empress’s Brilliant Hat
– Empress’s Brilliant Gloves
– Empress’s Brilliant Shoes
– Empress’s Brilliant Robe
– Empress’s Brilliant Weapon (Job specific weapon)

image  image

image  image

Successor Medal



i wanted to lvl as fast as i could but i seems impossible to me as i have  homeworks and its hard to find lvling spots! i will try to get my soul master to lvl 120 as fast as i can and make a UE( ultimate explorer) by the patch time! GOOD LUCK GUYS!

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