Chryse is included in the patch of von leon?!

I visited the MapleSea website today and guess what info I got?

I tried clicking on all tabs of the tabs there and i gotten the Chryse info!

Heres the infomation of Chryse! the new area of maplestory!

Floating Island – Chryse


“Have you looked up from Orbis lately?”
“I can’t see Chryse up there anymore…”

Discovering The Mysterious Floating Island – Chryse


What’s Chryse? Many of you may wondered. It is an island floating peacefully above Orbis since a long time ago. There existed a mysterious core that is the power source of the isle. It keeps the island floating and supports all living things on the island.

Chryse is home to the Giants, who dwells in the once-beautiful island. They may be big in size, but they are kind and have a heart as pure as a child.

One day however, Chryse was drifted away mysteriously and all contact was lost.

The Danger That Looms Ahead


Chryse is no longer the peace and beautiful island now. What lies ahead is a village full of dangerous monsters. The townspeople are living in fear everyday for the destruction of their home.

Saving Chryse

To embark for Chryse, your character must be between level 55 to level 70.

– Go to NPC Ericsson in Orbis Park. Accept the quest “The Floating Island of Chryse” and he will send you to the isle. – Upon reaching Chryse, speak with NPC Demos and obtain an Entry Pass to meet the Chief. – After completing a number of requests for the Giants, you will be able to challenge the final boss, Xerxes.

“I’m so… scared..”image

The Final Boss

The source of the crisis, Xerxes, the one who threatens and brought destruction to the beautiful island. Defeat him and his army to restore Chryse to peace.

– To fight Xerxes, a party of 2 – 4 players between level 55 to 70 are needed. – Party members are required to accept and complete a certain Chryse quests. – Upon defeating Xerxes, 5 Weapon Box will be dropped. The boxes are:

– Xerxes’s Warrior Weapon Box image

– Xerxes’s Magician Weapon Box image

– Xerxes’s Bowman Weapon Box image

– Xerxes’s Thief Weapon Box image

– Xerxes’s Pirate Weapon Box image

– The part members are able to challenge Xerxes repeatedly. 

– Xerxes will drop Michael’s Glasses image and Michaela’s Glassesimage randomly too!

image  image

• When one of the boxes is picked up, all the other boxes will disappear. – Each box will randomly give you a level 70 Weapon or Potion. – The Weapons and Glasses are untradeable. But it can be made tradeable by using Scissors of Karma.

I hope the weapons would have good stats or people wont visit Chryse anymore as now we gotten SG/MY flag glasses! If you do not know what those are, log into your maplesea account and go to the event map and talk to joyce! She will let you choose which history quiz you want to take and you will be given a eq( random from flag weapon, facemask and glasses)

image“This is all my fault, sniff sniff..”image

The Mark of Savior

After defeating Xerxes and talked to the Elder, you will be awarded with “Chryse Savior” medal.


The medal looks so nice! Im gonna get all the medals if I can =D good luck in the upcoming patch!

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