More Info about Von Leon and Guild Revamp!

I came back from school and guess what?! The MapleSea GMs updated the VonLeon Tab and it shows this awesome details!

Lion King, Von Leon



One who devoted his soul to Black Mage because of anger, sorrow and betrayal… image
Von Leon :“I will sacrifice everything for revenge, including my SOUL!”

Lion King’s Castle and King Von Leon

About Lion’s King Castle image


1. Lion King’s Castle is a new area specially for level 120 and above characters.
2. It has strong monsters and its own set of story quests together with Von Leon Expedition.
3. Parties receive bonus EXP for defeating monsters, 50% extra for each additional party member for a max of 250% extra EXP for parties of six.
4. It can be reached through the portal to Desolate Moor, from Sharp Cliff 4, in El Nath’s Dead Mine.


About Von Leon Expedition image image image


1. Von Leon Expedition is only available to level 120 and above characters.
2. Characters that have completed certain quests in Lion King’s Castle can participate in a 6-30 players expedition to fight Von Leon, the Red Lion King. Von Leon and his minions are extremely powerful, so come well prepared, and be mindful of the cooldown on potions while in the fight.
3. Von Leon and his minions are extremely powerful, so come well prepared, and be mindful of the cooldown on potions while in the fight.
3. Characters can enter the fight once per day. Dying during the fight does not spell the end: Characters will resurrect nearby in another castle room and can quickly jump back into the fight.
4. There is a one hour time limit on the fight, and there is a three minute time limit to start the fight from the moment your expedition enters Von Leon’s Audience Room.



Von Leon Equipments image

1. Von Leon equipment for all jobs is available for purchase from NPC Murt after you have completed certain quests in Lion King’s Castle.

2. To obtain the currency to purchase the equipment, you must obtain Lion King’s Medals from defeating Von Leon, and you must collect Purification tokens dropped by Von Leon, the monsters in Lion King’s Castle, and Ani.
3. Apply 50 and 100 Purification Tokens image respectively to the Lion King’s Medals image to eventually turn them into Noble Lion King Medals image and Royal Lion King Medals image.

4. Noble medals can be used to purchase Von Leon gloves, shoes, and capes, and Royal Medals can be used to purchase Von Leon hats, overalls, and weapons.

5. There are equipment set effects when equipping 4, 5 and 6 pieces of equipments together. Effects are stackable.

6. Please be aware the equipments are untradeable.




Ani Raid!image

1. Ani Raid is only available to characters level 70 and above.
2. At the start of every hour from 10am-10pm server time, an invitation will be sent to all eligible players to join the raid again Ani, faithful subject of the Red Lion King.
3. Upon accepting the invitation, you will be immediately moved to a waiting room, where you will be automatically placed into groups of up to fifteen.
4. The difficulty of Ani will be automatically adjusted based on the overall level of the group.
5. Groups will be formed without regard to existing party or expedition formations.
6. Up to 150 characters per world can participate per day.
7. Each hour’s raid recruitment will end when the timer in the waiting room reaches 0.
8. Daily raid recruitment will automatically end once capacity is reached.
9. The fight with Ani has a twenty minute timer.

And here are the guild revamps!!

Guild System Revamp

While there are plenty of things to do by yourself, the best part of MapleStory is getting together with friends!
That is why guilds are for!
Guild System will be revamp with Lion King Von Leon Patch for the good of all Maplers!

The All New Guild System!

Requirement of Guild Creation Revised! image

  1. You can easily go to the Hall of Fame for guild management through the NPC Lea, which is located in all major towns.
  2. Characters can now create a guild by themselves without having to create a party.
  3. Now you’ll be able to create a guild by yourself as long as you are at least level 10 and can pay the registration fee of 100,000 mesos! Down from 1.5 million mesos!
  4. The price of creating guild emblems has dropped from 5 million mesos to 500,000 mesos!
  5. Guild deletion is now FREE!
  6. Guild emblem is available for remake FREE once!


Guild System Interface Revamp!



  1. Shows the guild name, guild level, current GP, and GP required to reach the next level.
  2. Shows your personal own level of contribution to your guild and the related ranking.
  3. Guild Master Entrust Function has been added. Only a Guild Master can use this feature.
  4. Displays your guild level, accumulated GP, the total number of guild members, and the guild ranking.
  5. Displays guild members’ ranking based on their guild contribution level.

New Guild Points (GP) System! image

  1. GP has been changed from the old guild point system. It now functions as guild EXP as well!
  2. The contributions of each of the guild members will be accumulate and convert into GP.
  3. Accumulating GP will raise the guild level. Higher guild levels will yield different types of guild support benefits.

How GP is earn?

  1. Every time a guild member plays the game for an hour or longer.
  2. Every time a guild member levels up.
  3. When a guild skill is purchased.
  4. When new guild members are added.
  5. When a guild member withdraw from the guild, the specific guild member’s GP will deducted accordingly.

New and Better Guild Benefits!

The best reason for joining a guild, however, is what you can spend those guild points on – Guild Skills!
Guild skills are only available to guild members.
They can be purchased from the guild menu by any member and are available for the entire guild to use!
When the purchased skills expired, they can be extended for a small fee.

List of Guild Skills 

image Banner of Nimbleness (Max Level 5)
Increases Accuracy and Avoid-ability of guild members.

image Banner of Experience (Max Level 5)
Increases EXP received by guild members when hunting monsters.

image Banner of Fortitude (Max Level 5)
Increases Weapon Defense and Magic Defense of guild members.

image Banner of Ferocity (Max Level 5)
Increases Weapon ATT and Magic ATT of guild members.

image Banner of Mobility (Max Level 4)
Increases Movement Speed and Jump of guild members.

image Banner of Lethality (Max Level 4)
Increases Critical Hit Rate of guild members.

image Banner of Plenty (Max Level 10)
G Potions that heals 100% HP and MP will be provided every Monday.

Im gonna love this patch!!! I hope you guys would like it too!!!!