September the event month!

This is quite a shocking news for me D:

Maplestory GMs has decided to give us lots of event during the days of september!

Here are the events:

1. [System Event] September Everyday Event! (Event Period: 01/09/2011 – 30/09/2011)

A whole month of events awaiting everyone!

Every Monday of September – Cassandra’s Magic!

Exchange 10% into 15% scrolls or 60% into 65% scrolls only from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange maximum 5 times a day.
• Minimum character level of 10.

Every Tuesday of September – Cassandra’s Giveaway 1!

Receive 1 X Teleport Rock image from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange once a day.
• Minimum character level of 10 to participate in this event.

Every Wednesday of September – 2X Drop Special!

EXTRA 2X Drop Events will be held specially on Wednesday from 1500hrs to 2000hrs!

1500hrs – 1530hrs
1600hrs – 1630hrs
1700hrs – 1730hrs
1800hrs – 1830hrs
1900hrs – 1930hrs
2000hrs – 2030hrs

2X Drop events for “September Everyday Event – Wednesday” applies to all items except increase of Meso.

Every Wedenesday(isn’t it suppose to be Thursday? o.0) of September – Cassandra’s Giveaway 2!

Receive 1 X Owl of Minerva image from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange once a day.
• Minimum character level of 10 to participate in this event.

Every Friday of September – Quest Bonus!

30% Bonus Quest Completion EXP for the first 5 quests that you completed!

Every Saturday of September – Party EXP Bonus!

2X Party Bonus EXP for the WHOLE DAY! PARTY UP!

• 2X EXP only applies for EXP given under Party Bonus.

Every Sunday of September – Potion Discount!

5% discount off selected potions when you purchase from NPC shops!

The other event is the portrait event which i post earlier on!

I hope all of you guys would have fun during the event month!

I had my UE crusader to lvl 120 and job advanced to hero!!!

One last thing!

The maplesea facebook crew just change to display photo of maplesea facebook page to a picture of maplestory technological age!

it means the technological age patch would be soon and i cant wait for it !!!!!!

New hidden event?!

Today i logged into maplesea and i got shocked by cassandra who was giving me 2 event at once! 1st is the september holdiday event i guess, you just have to talk to her immediately after she gave you the quest and you will be rewarded to the reward she is giving out on that day! 1st day was to owl of minerva and i cant guess the next one hmmmm.

Next one is the paint event!

She will give u a quest which you need to hunt dye from mobs

You will be able to receive random amount of Maple Leaf from Gift Box.
Exchange 1000 Maple Leaf for 1 Golden Maple Leaf with NPC Cassandra.


Lvl 13-30 will be painting the Orangemushroom painting

lvl 31-70 will be painting octopus

lvl 71-200 is painting yeti

and those rewards will be girft boxes!(x5)!!!!

those contains maple leafs and now its not the maple aniversary why she gave us maple leafs?!

its because inkwell’s sister inkie is in town!

she will exchange gold maple leaves from you for goodies!

10 for congratz from gm(atk , magic atk, spd and etc)

30 for a mater spirit pact pendant which have 3 weapon atk and 7 magic atk!

50 for a ultimate spirit pact pendant which have 5 weapon atk and 10 magic atk!

you can exchange 1000 maple leafs for a golden leaf at cassandra or you can go maple hill to help the mapletree to grow by giving it sunshines! and wait it to drop maple golden leafs and leafs!

and last thing, there is a slight change in maplesea website which give me a useful infomation!saw the sign up, how to sign up and game client download client button?Yes the moderator of maplesea website changed it to the pictures of the profession people! it means chaos patch is soon and i cant wait!( i know alot of you knew about this already, i didnt post it because i cant see it from my side of the changes so sorry about that!)