New Milestone for My Dual Blade!

Im so happy right now as i got my dual blade to level 129 yesteerday! I maxed my Sharpness skill

, bought a 30k @cash card to buy my thorns 30 mastery book!

I think  its worth it as it adds 1 skill point to the thorns skill which adds 52% stance effect and 11 weapon attack i think! I also went to ludibrum to kill some papulatus for the ambition points! But i was shocked by one recipe which i have been hoping for and now i got it! The special papulatus transform potion recipe!

Evan Target Complete and New Target Aiming

Yesterday i spammed my evan to lvl 80 and it was worth it as today i can continue my chief bandit for adv rings!

The glasses looks awesome then the one which is the orignial evan event last year!

Today i went GSPQ( ghost ship dual raid party quests) and my lvl went up from lvl 72 to 75! And meet some noobs who say i scam when they got the bug of gspq 3 times in a row? Never mind dont care about them

i hope i can 90 but saturday night as my friend offered me a free mark of naricain!

And the evans quest are changed alot as due to the resistance homeplace( i forget the names sorry >.<)

This is the chaos evan glasses!


Minor change about evan quests

As you guys know that Evan will need to do some quests for the skill points needed to max the skills, but after chaos I created an Evan due to the Chaos warrior event for the Evan glasses! The minor changes are the new quest for lvl 57! We need to go to elnath’s 3rd job master resident and go to the bottom right portal and gather the 150 decaying zombie teeth ( took me about 25mins to gather them all) and give to the to the goblin(shammos i think D:) and he will give you the black key and a black guy who give you the beginning of the quest ask you to go to sharp cliff II and hide it under a secret rock that looks like a tree? So weird xD

and before that i went zakum to help my friend who needs the final cut and phantom blow basic book but in the middle of the fight he died but i got this recipe that dropped from zakum!