Being Ice knight is Fun!

New patch new events~

Todays patch was to solve bugs though but i was bored so i went online to do the ice knight quest!

Apparently, theres a knight who is cursed and turned into the Ice knight and he will have quest for you!( weird huh?)

You will have to wait at henesys at 2pm as the Cursed knight only appears then and its limited date!

So you have to hurry and get your medal!

The quest was not level limited however you have to be lvl 30+ as you will need to PVP in this quest,

Simple you 1st accept quest from the cursed knight and head over to battle square, i dont think that you will need to talk to Rosette but just to be save then sorry talk to her in Battle square!

Then you will have to pvp! Choose ice knight catergorie as your choice and you will have to wait to become the ice knight!

Only becoming the ice knight will allow you to finish the quest and get the cool looking Ice knight medal!



Dear Maplers,

Here are what you can expect from the upcoming MapleSEA Version 1.12: Chaos: The Ice Knight patch.

1. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Ice Knight mode
2. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Capture the Flag mode!
3. [Game Content] Wedding Commitment
4. [System Event] Ice Knight Event
5. [System Event] Inkwell and the Red Buttons Event
6. [System Event] Attendant Check Event
7. [System Event] The Archaeologist Event
8. [System Event] Christmas Season of Joy 2011
9. [Changelogs] Bug Fixed & Changes
10. [Cash Shop] Cash Shop Update
11. [Download] v1.12 Full Client & Manual Patch


1. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Ice Knight mode

Do you have what it takes to take on 9 players in a 1 versus 9 PvP match? Now is the chance for you to show your skills as we will be having the Ice Knight mode in Super Fight!

For the different skills and feature of the Ice Knight mode, please refer to “Ice Knight mode”.


2. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Capture the Flag mode (23/11/2011 – 08/02/2012)

Have you ever wanted to try out a brand new team match in Super Fight? With the new Capture the Flag PvP mode, you can now form a team of minimum 3 players and participate in the Capture the Flag mode.

For the rules and how to win a Capture the Flag mode, please refer to “Capture the Flag”.


3. [Game Content] Wedding Commitment

Attention all married couple! Have you ever wanted to re-new your wedding vows with your loved ones? The chance is here with the new Wedding Commitment content.


1. Receive the 30/100 Days Commitment Event from Maple Mailbox

2. Look for Ames the Wise inside Amoria


3. You will need to purchase the Commitment Ceremony Ticket image from the Cash Shop.

Commitment Ceremony Guide
• 30 Days after your marriage date you will receive a letter from Ames the Wise. This applies too for couple who are married for more than 100 days.
• Party up with your partner
• Once you have activated the quest, purchase the Commitment Ceremony Ticket from the Cash Shop.
• Talk to Sister Margaret to reserve the ceremony chapel for you and your partner.
• After reservation, talk to Sister Clarence and select “I’m ready for my 30 days / 100 days wedding commitment wedding”
• Once done, both party member will be teleported to the wedding map.
• Talk to the Wedding Commitment NPC to complete the ceremony.
• After completion of the wedding ceremony, approach NPC Jacob to receive the wedding commitment rewards.

Wedding Commitment Event Period (23/11/2011 – 31/12/2011)

From 23/11/2011 till 31/12/2011, all in-game married couple will receive a “30 Days of Love Rain”quest from Cassandra.

“30 Days of Love Rain” Guide 

• Party up with your partner

• Activate the “30 Days of Love Rain” quest from Cassandra
• Collect 30 or 100 Pink Water Drop image from monsters

• Once the required amount of Pink Water Drop have been collected, look for Cassandra to complete the quest

Reward for 30 Days Commitment Wedding
• “30 Days Commitment” Wedding Ring image
• Love Chair image
• Heart Return Stones image

Reward for 100 Days Commitment Wedding
• “100 Days Commitment” Wedding Ring image
• Love Rain image
• Love Couple T-shirt image
• Heart Return Stones image


4. [System Event] Ice Knight Event! (23/11/2011 – 31/12/2011)

From 23/11/2011 till 31/12/2011, talk to NPC Rosette to accept the various challenges.


Arena of the Ice Knight
Challenge: Achieve a score of 200 or more while playing as the Ice Knight
Reward: One Gallant Emblem

Ice Knight 500
Challenge:Achieve a score of 500 or more while playing as the Ice Knight.
Reward: One Iceman Transformation Potion and One Gallant Emblem

The Ice Knight’s Curse
Challenge: Log in between 1400hrs – 1500hrs(+8 GMT) and locate the Curse Knight in Henesys to accept the Ice Knight’s Curse challenge.
Reward: Ice Knight Medal


5. [System Event] Inkwell and the Red Buttons Event (23/11/2011 – 21/12/2011)

From 23/11/2011 till 21/12/2011, monsters all over MapleSEA will be dropping Ice Cubes image. Collect the Ice Cubes piece and purchase a Microwave image from the Cash Shop to melt the Ice Cubes, after which you will receive a Red Button image

image + image = image + Random Reward

You will received a Red Button and a random reward when using the Microwave

Here are some of the items which you can received from the Microwave.

– Angelic Blessing Recipe
– Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe
– Infinite Throwing-Knives Recipe
– Timeless Equipment Recipes
– 3 Star Enhancement Scroll
– 4 Star Enhancement Scroll
– Soul Teddy Chair
– Lord Pirate Chair
– Teddy Bear Bed
– Chaos Scroll 60%
– Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60%
– Scroll for One-Handed Weapon for ATT 100%
– Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon for ATT 100%
– Scroll for Armor for STR 100%
– Scroll for Armor for INT 100%
– Scroll for Armor for DEX 100%
– Scroll for Armor for LUK 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for STR 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for INT 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for DEX 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for LUK 100%
– And many more!


6. [System Event] Attendant Check Event (01/12/2011 – 31/12/2011)

Remember to mark your attendance with Cassandra during the month of December as she will be giving out reward box to every Mapler who complete the daily attendance quest.

This is what you have to do:


1. Talk to NPC Cassandra and receive the Attendant Check Event daily quest.

2. You are required to hunt 30 Grapes image from monsters and give them to Cassandra before she mark your attendance for the day.


3. For every attendance taken, you will receive 1 Attendance Box image and a grape stamped on the date which you have completed the daily attendance quest.

4. That’s not all! You will receive additional rewards when you attend the event for a certain number of days.

Grapes Belt image will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 3 days, 12 days and 21 days.

Grapes Pendant image will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 6 days, 15 days and 24 days.

Grapes Earrings image will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 9 days, 18 days and 27 days.
Perfect Attendance Medal image will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 31 days.


7. [System Event] The Archaeologist Event (01/12/2011 – 31/12/2011)

Beside marking your attendance with Cassandra for the month of December, Gaga will also be giving out cool rewards when you collect Ancient Artifacts from monsters. Each artifacts collected from the monsters will gives you random points. You may exchange these points with Gaga for different rewards.

1. 5000 Points – Artifact Hunter Medal image

2. 10000 Points – Artifact Hunt Gift Box image

3. 30000 Points – Archaeologist Hat image

4. 40000 Points – Archaeologist Face Paint image

5. 50000 Points – Archaeologist Glasses image

6. 100000 Points – Choose one of the following Permanent item.
– Archaeologist Hat image
– Archaeologist Face Paint image

– Archaeologist Glasses image
7. Artifact Hunt Top 10 – Top Artifact Hunter Medal image


8. [System Event] Christmas Season of Joy 2011 (07/12/2011 – 21/12/2011)

Suni’s family are having problems clearing their debts and need our help. If this goes on, Suni and her family will be sleeping on the streets before the New Year. However, Suni have some powerful equipments which have been accidentally enhanced by Spiruna and she is putting them up for rental to earn some meso. She needs to clear the debts as soon as possible.

From 07/12/2011 till 21/12/2011, you will be able to rent powerful equipment from Suni for a small fee.


The following Evan Series Rental Equipments are available from Suni:

• Evan Headband
• Evan Outfit(M)
• Evan Outfit(F)
• Evan Gloves
• Evan Bootes
• Evan Cape
• Maple Pyrope Magic Pendant
• Maple Pyrope Power Pendant
• Gold Source Earrings
• Gold Source Belt


Note(1): Each equipment comes with 9%, 6% and 3% potential stats of your desired attributes.
Note(2): Each rented equipment can be worn by all class.
Note(3): Each rented equipment will last for 7 days before expiry.

As a bonus from Suni, she will be changing all the rented equipments from temporary to permanent if you are able to enhance the rented weapon to 8 Stars enhancement. What’s more, Suni will reward you with 1 Miracle Cube as well for each successfully enhanced 8 Stars equipment.


In additional to this event, you will be able to purchase Lucky Enhancement Box from NPC Joyce. Each Lucky Enhancement Box will gives you random chance to obtain an Enhancement Scroll or an Advance Enhancement Scroll to assist you with enhancing your rental equipments.


9. [Changelogs] Bug Fixed & Changes

Bug Fixed
• Fixed auto reset of Battle Points after every exit
• Fixed character experiencing “trouble logging in” at character selection page
• Various minor bugs fixed

• Revised pricing for all Materials & Recipe sold by NPCs inside Ardentmill.
• Image captcha verification required during login process


10. [Cash Shop] Cash Shop Update

• Microwave image
• Mistletoe Crush Ring image
• Christmas Jingle Bell image
• Christmas Party Ring image
• Piggyback Snowman image
• Red Christmas Package image
• White Christmas Package image

• Urete’s Time Lab image
• Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon: 30 Days image

99 CRAZY image

From 23/11/2011 till 07/12/2011, purchase the following Cash Item at 99 Maple Cash each!

• Brown Bucket Hat image
• Blue Bucket Hat image
• Watermelon Hat image
• Blue Mushroom Hat image
• Blue Head-Spinning Glasses image
• Blue Striped Trainer image
• Green Striped Trainer image
• Red Sailor Shirt image
• Blue Sailor Shirt image
• Green Camping Shorts image
• Blue Camping Shorts image


11. [Download] v1.12 Full Client & Manual Patch

Full Client

Currently not available

Manual Patch Instructions

1. After downloading the manual patch file, double-click on the patcher -> Select the folder where the game is installed.
2. For most users, the default folder is c:\program files\wizet\maplestory.
3. If you receive an error (canvas.dll is corrupt), please download the new client.
4. If you receive an error (maplestory.exe not found), please select the correct folder. 

Manual Patch Download Links

From v1.11 – v1.12
[4shared] Manual Patch v1.11 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
[FileDropper] Manual Patch v1.11 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
[FileFactory] Manual Patch v1.11 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
Manual Patch v1.11 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link

From v1.10 – v1.12
[4shared] Manual Patch v1.10 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
[FileDropper] Manual Patch v1.10 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
[FileFactory] Manual Patch v1.10 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
Manual Patch v1.10 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link

From v1.09 – v1.12
[4shared] Manual Patch v1.09 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
[FileDropper] Manual Patch v1.09 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
[FileFactory] Manual Patch v1.09 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link
Manual Patch v1.09 ~ v1.12 Mirror Link

– MapleSEA Administrator

dam tons of cash events which i will not participate as i said before i will hardly use cash on maplestory from now on 🙂 enjoy playing the events!

Figuring our my new phone and new events for maplesea!

Sorry guys that i didn’t post any things for the past few days as I’m figuring out my new phone which is a iPhone4s that my dad bought me recently, i didnt’t ask for it and he just bought me one as he saw that my old phone is dieing :D. Quite a few problems when i got my new phone as i cant verify my apple ID which i could eventually a day after i signed up and rang the HQ about it.

And ya the new maplesea event, the angelic blessing ring event,

Your are suppose to get items which is available through mining,herbalism and alchemy.

I dont think the event is quite for me as im not using any cash now to play maplesea as im saving money~

The recipe im trying hard to get it myself but theres seems to be bugs on the MTDs which cause them not to drop the recipe,

the info of the events is stated below


Rejoice Maplers!

To celebrate the launch of the Technological AgeMapleSEA will be having a Blessing of the Angelic Celebration event to reward fellow Maplers with a rare reward!

Event Schedule

All event timing are in GMT +8.

Event Details

1. GM will request for a certain amount of item obtained through MiningHerbalism or Alchemy.
2. The required items will be announced in-game 1 hour before the start of the event.
3. Players are to gather the required items and locate the GM in Channel 7, Ardentmill.
4. Player are to purchase a weather from the Cash Shop and use it to notify the GM that they have gathered all the required event items.
5. First 10 players who used the weather with the required items collected will be teleported to a mysterious map to trade with the GM’s mysterious character.
6. A total of 10 winners will be selected from each world per day.


● All winners will be awarded with 1 Angelic Blessing Recipe after you have traded in the necessary items to the GM’s mysterious character.

Rules & Regulation

● Players who use hack, offensive, sexual, abusive representations, disrupting the event will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.
● Player without the required amount of event items will be disqualified.
● GM’s decision is final and binding.

Happy Mapling!

– MapleSEA Administrator