Tomorrow a Special Day! 11:11:11!!!!!

Yes you saw the title! Tomorrow is a special day for all of us! Its the day where the date,time,year,minutes and even seconds got the chance to be 11!

Yes and maplesea want to make it a memorial event for us and will be giving us another hot time for the patch!(technologial age& super fight patch!)

And the hot time will happen at 2011:11th of november, 2011(8:11pm!)


Dear Maplers,

Are you excited for the first ever Super Fight in MapleSEA history? If you’re not, we hope the Super Fight Hot Time event will make you all pumped up and ready for battle!

We will be holding a Super Fight Hot Time event to prepare your characters for the upcoming Super Fightcontent.



2011   11   11   2011

On Friday, 11th November 2011, at exactly 2011hrs (+8 GMT) this very minute, all characters that are logged in in-game will receive a Gift Box in their character’s inventory!

Please take note that you have until 2359hrs (+8 GMT) on the same day to open the Gift Box and get the rewards for this event!.

The Gift Box contains;

1 X SP Reset Scroll image
1 to 3 (Random) X Gallant Emblem image

Upon receiving the SP Reset Scroll image, you will have 7 days to use it before it expired.

When the SP Reset Scroll imageis used, it will reset all your existing Skill Points(except your beginner’s skills) back into your Skill Points Pool.

With the Gallant Emblem image, you may approach NPC Larson image located at the Battle Squareto exchange for unique equipments, scrolls and many more!

Alternatively, Gallant Emblem image can be obtained from the Battle Point(BP) Exchanger.

That’s not all!

We will be giving out 2011 additional rewards for each world to random lucky Maplers when you open up the Gift Box!





• 1 of the following Cash Item and more to 70 lucky Maplers for each World Server!

Aurora Ring
Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant
VIP Hair Coupon
Heart Shape Quote Ring
Blackboard : for 7 day
Mystery Mastery Book
Full Moon Night Chair
Snowy Night
Starry Night Chair
Special Potential Scroll (100% pass rate)
Miracle Cube
Special King Clang Transform Potion
Reindeer Transform Potion
Special Eliza Transform Potion
Special Crimson Balrog Transform Potion
Special Papulatus Transform Potion
Special Griffey Transform Potion
Special Von Leon Transform Potion
Triple Snowdrop Giant Potion
Quintuple Snowdrop Giant Potion
Storm Growth Potion

• 16 X Timeless Weapon (random) to 16 Lucky Maplers for Each World Server!
• 1 X 3 Star Enhancement Scroll to 1 Luckiest Mapler for Each World Server!
• 1 X 4 Star Enhancement Scroll to 1 Luckiest Mapler for Each World Server!
• I’m a Lucky Guy Medal to 1 Luckiest Mapler for Each World Server!


image      image

• 3 Star Enhancement Scroll will only enhance your equipment to maximum 3 enhancements. (3 stars)
• Equipment with 4 successful enhancement will NOT be able to use 3 Star Enhancement Scroll.

• 4 Star Enhancement Scroll will only enhance your equipment to maximum 4 enhancements. (4 stars)
• Equipment with 5 successful enhancement will NOT be able to use 4 Star Enhancement Scroll.

If your equipment has passed enhancement twice (2 stars) before you use 3 Star Enhancement Scroll.
Upon successful passing of 3 Star Enhancement Scroll, the equipment will only get additional ONE more successful enhancement to 3 stars.

If your equipment has passed enhancement four times (4 stars) before you use 4 Star Enhancement Scroll.
Upon successful passing of 4 Star Enhancement Scroll, no effect will take place at all.


• Storm Growth Potion, a potion that allow the character instantly gain a level when consumed.
• Only Character from level 30 to 199 are able to use the Storm Growth Potion.
• Usable only once per character.

Event Details and Disclaimers
• Only characters above level 30 and has completed 1st Job Advancement will receive the Gift Box.
• In order to receive the rewards from the Gift Box, you must not be in the MTS, Cash Shop, or on any transportation ship/boat/plane.
• We advise all Maplers to be located at a map that is not too crowded to prevent delay in receiving the Gift Box in your character’s inventory.
• You will need to have 1 free USE slot in your inventory in order to receive the Gift Box.
• To prevent and avoid server congestion and unexpected character disconnection, we advise Maplers to open up the Gift Box at different timings between 2015hrs to 2330hrs.
 There will not be any reimbursement for loss of reward due to unexpected disconnection of any reason. Thank you for your kind understanding.

And one thing i tried the Super fight contents at 1st i used my dual blade to went for pvp and i was shocked as i went in as im unable to equip my katara and dagger due to the nerfed stats in the arena and they say the dual blades will own in the pvp but i say no to that as when i go using my i/l for pvp, i won almost for every game and was the 1st or 2nd in place! i hope that everyone will be enjoying themselves in the patch!