Figuring our my new phone and new events for maplesea!

Sorry guys that i didn’t post any things for the past few days as I’m figuring out my new phone which is a iPhone4s that my dad bought me recently, i didnt’t ask for it and he just bought me one as he saw that my old phone is dieing :D. Quite a few problems when i got my new phone as i cant verify my apple ID which i could eventually a day after i signed up and rang the HQ about it.

And ya the new maplesea event, the angelic blessing ring event,

Your are suppose to get items which is available through mining,herbalism and alchemy.

I dont think the event is quite for me as im not using any cash now to play maplesea as im saving money~

The recipe im trying hard to get it myself but theres seems to be bugs on the MTDs which cause them not to drop the recipe,

the info of the events is stated below


Rejoice Maplers!

To celebrate the launch of the Technological AgeMapleSEA will be having a Blessing of the Angelic Celebration event to reward fellow Maplers with a rare reward!

Event Schedule

All event timing are in GMT +8.

Event Details

1. GM will request for a certain amount of item obtained through MiningHerbalism or Alchemy.
2. The required items will be announced in-game 1 hour before the start of the event.
3. Players are to gather the required items and locate the GM in Channel 7, Ardentmill.
4. Player are to purchase a weather from the Cash Shop and use it to notify the GM that they have gathered all the required event items.
5. First 10 players who used the weather with the required items collected will be teleported to a mysterious map to trade with the GM’s mysterious character.
6. A total of 10 winners will be selected from each world per day.


● All winners will be awarded with 1 Angelic Blessing Recipe after you have traded in the necessary items to the GM’s mysterious character.

Rules & Regulation

● Players who use hack, offensive, sexual, abusive representations, disrupting the event will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.
● Player without the required amount of event items will be disqualified.
● GM’s decision is final and binding.

Happy Mapling!

– MapleSEA Administrator

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