Being Ice knight is Fun!

New patch new events~

Todays patch was to solve bugs though but i was bored so i went online to do the ice knight quest!

Apparently, theres a knight who is cursed and turned into the Ice knight and he will have quest for you!( weird huh?)

You will have to wait at henesys at 2pm as the Cursed knight only appears then and its limited date!

So you have to hurry and get your medal!

The quest was not level limited however you have to be lvl 30+ as you will need to PVP in this quest,

Simple you 1st accept quest from the cursed knight and head over to battle square, i dont think that you will need to talk to Rosette but just to be save then sorry talk to her in Battle square!

Then you will have to pvp! Choose ice knight catergorie as your choice and you will have to wait to become the ice knight!

Only becoming the ice knight will allow you to finish the quest and get the cool looking Ice knight medal!

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