Entering a competetion hosted by MAPLESEA!

Yesterday, maplesea posted tons of videos entry by maplers about the chaos patch and they are asking people to vote by “liking the video”!

I also submitted a video entry and i now want to ask you to help me get more likes =D

Simply by clicking the link http://www.facebook.com/MapleSEA/posts/312369432114969
and like it! , you could help me even better by sharing it! thx!

A entry by KraDeNine aquila!~

help me by liking it and share to your friends and ask them to share and like it =D thx for the help! cause i really want the chair as i dont have much fancy chair in maplesea =D

voting ends at  15th December 2011, 2359hrs (+8 GMT) so please ask your friends to share alot of times and like it too =D