Hey guys im still here!

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I last post anything about maple! I know that I said I will be back when I’m finished with my exams but it’s too long for me not to post anything! I’m back in maplesea for awhile, played cannon shooter and Mercedes as while, I enjoyed playing the new classes but I can’t play demon slayer due to the late release date:/ you guys can find me in Cassiopeia, the world I’m playin Mercedes on. The ign is Elifes, i thought of the name for a long time before creating haha! It’s kinda nice right? Anyways I’m lvl 60 on my Mercedes and 8x/9x for my cannon shooter in Aquila , I created the cannon shooter just for the link skill haha! Kinda sweet actually. Guys you can add me as your buddy if you want and let me know if you guys still look forward to me posting more updates about maplestorysea when I’m finished with my exams! Thanks for taking your time to read this post haha! Peace! (ps, this is a post I made using my iPhone for the first time! xD) Screenshots of my cannon shooter and Mercedes haha! :