New incoming patch! Return of the forces (Edited)

Hi guys! I know that I told you guys that I will be off for awhile but I could not resist it anymore! So I will be posting this post about the incoming patch, Return of the forces patch!


I cropped out this part of the picture that the MapleSEA team posted on their Facebook page! It appears that the next is titled Return of the forces!
It contains Evan, Aran revamp! It also contains Akyrum! The new boss! Perharps it will contain cross hunter and the union patch too! The patch also contains the new revamped Ellin forest which contains two new boss and the MapleSEA team posted a new video on fighting one of the new bosses!Ellin Forest Boss Fight! – Chou I really hope that they also fix the bugs that the hackers are exploiting now… -.-
There is also the three day iGacha event! I tried my luck yesterday but I didn’t managed to get the white angelic blessing I wanted so much and instead I got three angelic blessing recipe… I’m currently having a shop at cc1 rm 9 but it will be expiring in a few hours. Im also selling a lion and unicorn riding mount coupon! You guys could PM my hero, iLastLie, which is my main now as I’m my funded to play my dual blade anymore.
Hope this patch comes soon!
Ps. I’m lvl 13x on my hero now!

Update: ps for my mistake in this post! The patch is coming on the 7 of August! It does not only contains the Aran and Evan revamp but also other classes like wild hunter and more! Also the union patch will probably in included in the patch as the wild hunter in the video that the MapleSEA team produced is riding a white jaguar! Here is the official trailer for the patch! Official Trailer for the Return of the forces Patch , this link is where all the revamped class video are uploaded! There’s too much video for me to upload so I will just give the link instead. The explorers in the video are most likely ultimate explorers as they have the summon skill for koc which only koc and ue has, just that the gm did not put in ultimate explorer at the front of the title of the video. Haha can’t wait for this patch as it adds new content for me to blog about!

PS , I’m using my phone to post this post so there won’t be a YouTube player and instead there will be a link to Youtube. I hope you guys can understand me as I’m using my free time in school to update the post every time MapleSEA team pushes out something interesting for the game!

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