A new event have been pushed out for MapleSEA, it is called the FORCES DAILY LOGIN EVENT.

All you need to do for this event is to log in during 9th to 29th August daily for 30minutes and you will get prizes at the end of the event!

Heres how it goes


Yes 88,888 maple points for a lucky mapler for each world! However, i will be only aiming for the AP reset for my wild hunter though! Hope you guys are the lucky mapler!

Rules for the event:
▪ 1 winner from each world will walk away 88,888 Maple Points in our GRAND LUCKY DRAW.
▪ Only 1 Character per Maple ID is eligible for the Daily Login Event.
▪ Players who are eligible for Tier 3 Reward will have their character name automatically registered in for the Grand Lucky Draw.
▪ Daily Login Event will end on 29th August 2012 at 0900hrs (+8 GMT). Players are advised to clock in their daily attendant before the mentioned timing.
▪ Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation reserves the rights to make any changes to the above stated event prizes without any prior notice.
▪ Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation decision are final and binding.

The legend shop will also be back on 15th August 2012, 0900hrs (+8 GMT) to 22nd August 2012, 0900hrs (+8 GMT)!

Those who are still holding onto the coins will be able to rexchange them for rewards and those Legend Characters ( E.g Mercedes) who are lvl 70 and did not receive their special mastery book will be able to get them too from NPC Naomi! The npcs will be back at the event map! Do grab your chance and exchange your coins and get your book before they are gone once more!