Haiz….. Was preparing to train my Mechanic( Laxiel ) to lvl 70 today and the gm pushed out a urgent server check…. Anyways lets begin

This server check, its simple on one hand but not simple on other.

Why its simple? Cause it fixes a few bugs like Night Lord Skill: Spirit Claw, but they still didnt completely fixed the damage reflecting skill like those of hero/ demon slayer or mechanic had. Yes I tested after the return of the forces, my hero did not disconnect when I uses the damage reflection skill while I solo scarlion, but my mechanic disconnected ( same old reason which says I hack when I obviously didnt ) when I uses the mechanic version of the skill!

Hope they fix it soon

And guys remember the gm said the legend shop will return on 15 august? While they pushed it forward and it will be back today! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone I guess….

Next is the temporarily removal of the seal chair which looks like this! image

The chair is obtainable through the MapleSEA Exclusive Von Leon Alliance Event in which you would need to collect 100 red stamps like thing to exchange for a ticket and kill the Cyclops between 8pm to 10pm and get random items from it like the shoulder pad and this seal chair of course. However unforeseen bug found after the recent The Return of the Forces Patch

As a token of appreciation, all players with Seal Chair image in their inventory will be reimbursed with 5,000 Maple Points for the temporary removal of the Seal Chair.


However, all Seal Chair that are temporary removed after the Urgent Server Check on 13th August 2012will be returned back to the player after the Game Client Patch on September 2012.

So not only we get the extra 5,000 Maple Points for removing our valuable chair, we will get our chair back on the next game client patch on september! Of course, I do own one of those chair. ( Insert Evil Laughter) 

So there will be a confirmed game client patch on september…. I wonder if it will be the justice patch… Im so looking forward to it as I want new skills for my Chief bandit 😀 But I doubt it will be so soon and will probably be introduced around the end of year I guess… Anyways. Hope you guys will be happy with the 5k Maple Points they reimbursed for us if you got your chair removed!! See ya in the next post!