MapleSEA Exclusive Class?

MapleSEA GM just leaked some details to us during the Flip The Coin Event!

It appears to be a new exclusive class that will be coming to MapleSEA! So excited xD!

What classes do you guys think it is? Will it be just a class with reskined existing skills or really a new exclusive class with new skills or even, a new exclusive weapon?!

We will have to wait for MapleSEA to push out some more leaks or just wait for the patch with the exclusive class to come…!

Picture credit goes to XiiaoPurDS

MapleSEA Justice Only Tespia Coming?


MapleSEA just posted a new post onto their Facebook page! Seems like they are introducing a justice-only tespia server for some lucky Singapore Maplers… Why not the Malaysian Maplers too?.. Anyway, you just need to participate in games or quiz they host on their Facebook page! Just post your comment and you will stand a chance in winnning!



New exclusive PERMANENT pets have been announced on the MapleSEA website today!

The pets comes in their own special package!

The first exclusive pet for MapleSEA is the Merlion Pet!

Exclusive Merlion Pet Package image contains :
• image Merlion Pet
• image Fortune Cookie
• image Sunglass
• image 2 Scrolls for Pet Equipment for ATT 60% Exchange Ticket
• image 2 Scrolls for Pet Equipment for Magic ATT 60% Exchange Ticket

The other exclusive pet is the Butterfly pet!


Exclusive Butterfly Pet Package image contains :

• image Butterfly Pet
• image Nectar
• image Rose
• image 2 Scrolls for Pet Equipment for ATT 60% Exchange Ticket
• image 2 Scrolls for Pet Equipment for Magic ATT 60% Exchange Ticket

At first glance, I don’t really like the exclusive pets… They just have a weird look to me. But out of the two, I prefer the Merlion pet as it just looks so much cuter than the butterfly pet! Also, my dual blade needs a permanent pet as its my main character… That means I have to spend more @cash to buy them…

Some important notes about the new Exclusive Pets:

• Both the Merlion and Butterfly Pets are of Permanent duration
• You will be able to hold more than 1 Merlion or Butterfly pet in your character’s inventory slots
• Both the Merlion’s Sunglass and Butterfly’s Rose contain 7 slots
• With the Pet’s Snack, player will be able to use the Merlion Pet or Butterfly Pet with other existing pets purchased through the Cash Shop

Huh? Pet’s snack? Does asiasoft meant the nectar/ fortune cookie? If that’s the case, it would be great since i would be able to use the Merlion Pet while using the Rudolph Pet I have gotten from the Christmas i-gacha 2010! Haha!

Take note, the exclusive pets will be only available from 19th september 2012 to 26th september 2012 and they will be available through the cash shop! So get it while its available in the cash shop!