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It seems that there will be a new exclusive incoming patch for MapleSEA soon. The patch seems to be called the Enchanted Forest Patch, sounds cool huh? It appears to be related to Alice In the Wonderland right? with the long tables and stuff. Anyways I’m totally looking forward to this patch since its exclusive ( YEAH) and I’m pumped out about the new places I’m going to explore! But this patch doesn’t make me as excited as the Justice patch, where my chief bandit finally gets new skills ( YEAH x2)!


The great news I’m talking about is that I had discussed with Max from OrangeMushroom and he allowed me to use his contents in my wordpress! Yes! Haha, so I will be putting skills tables and stuff here so you guys wont need to go to other wordpress or websites to find skills tables! ( I’m kinda selfish right? ) Just kidding! I won’t mind if you guys go to other websites at all haha! Anyways, he say that I just need to give credits to the rightful owners ( like him and the place where he gets his information). That won’t be a problem at all haha! Also guys, I’m preparing my chief bandit for the Justice patch, since it will be harder to train as Band Of Thieves got removed ( WHY???!!!!NO!!!!! ) so I will be making it 120 as fast as possible. You guys can just find me by finding JackNJails ( my chief bandit IGN ).


I also set up a guild called Anoimus, you guys could join but there are a few rules, you just need to be friendly and active ( you can be inactive by stating a reason and how long you will be in active)


Also! LASTLY! I’m playing Dragon Nest SEA Again! Finally after i quitted when playing close beta! Just find me in Dragon Nest SEA to say hi if you want to. Im a lvl 16 Engineer called Nateal and im playing in SpringWood!