New Exclusive Zen Class!


I am totally disappointed with the MSEA developers. The new exclusive class they are talking about is the zen class which is the complete copy of the CMS/TMS’s dragon warrior, only a only tweak in the name to make it sounds cooler. No offence, the class dragon warrior although sounds like a new class but it is not as the skills are just the pirates skill re-skinned ( similar to jett of gms). I know that it would be hard to make a exclusive class but at least the MSEA developers should make a exclusive class with other re-skinned skills instead of copying the dragon warrior and giving it a new name zen. I hope MSEA developers would redraw this idea and push out a new real exclusive class instead of zen as I could foretell that the CMS/ TMS players would be raging over this if they did not.


Seems like the MSEA developers Rare firm with their decision. They changed page look when you went to MapleSea website. It looks pretty cool though. There’s two theme you could choose, Zen and Phantom. So I guess they are both gonna come out soon then. Although I like how zen sounds and how the page looks like but it isn’t a exclusive class for us nor the TMS/ CMS players anymore… Still hope the MSEA developers would do something about it though. Also, there’s also a Aswan theme page, it’s still not available since its been greyed out.

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