Justice Patch Part One And Two Released Date Revealed!

My friend posted a few photos on this facebook account which I found is quite interesting!

First is the picture you saw above. There will be skills adjustment for all classes! That probably means that Dual Blades will be getting theirs too in this update! Which hopefully, is true.

31st October will be the date that the first part of Justice patch to be patched into MapleSEA. We will be getting the card system, the part time job, pirate and thief class major revamp of skills and the exclusive ZEN class! The date is just right! My major exams ends around that time period xD!

Phantom will be released on 14th November!

The master of all thief, will be coming to MapleSEA very soon!

I am not sure what do they mean by winning ( gaming gear ), maybe a high leveled cane or a gaming mouse? I’m not sure. However, its impossible for me to win since I have registered my maple account =.= . Hope you guys managed to win it and be the Master of all Master Thieves!

However, the date for the release of Azwan was not revealed yet.

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