Justice Patch Part 1 Patch Notes

Justice Patch Part 1 will be released today! The patch will be carried out from 0700~1700(GMT+8)! I couldn’t post the patch notes since I’m using my phone and my phone doesn’t allow me to copy pictures along with the words in the patch yay…. Seems like we will be getting the same treatment as GMS, pirates will be getting their revamp later, sorry pirates. They will be revamping the thief class currently and releasing Zen Class! New events and items is included as well. I laughed so hard at the Zen’s special hat since it is just Jett’s hat with a new name, but I guess that’s alright. That’s it that I have to say since I’m leaving home now to take my exams! See you guys soon and if you want to see a detailed version of the patch, the link is here!