MapleStory Zen Class Review


Have been playing the new Zen class for the past few days and it is awesome!

The class was like a class I have never enjoyed before! How the class moves around, the skills, how they link together is just too awesome and great. At first like you guys saw, I was disappointed about MapleSea choice about bringing this class in, but now, I agreed with their choice and this class will be my main class from now onward. If you guys like me, never had a pirate class before and not sure which pirate class to play, I recommend this class as its a mixture of the two pirate class and I am sure you will be able to make a choice when you play Zen. So now hop on the journey of Zen and experience the story that Zen holds for you to unfold! Overall, this class rocks!

PS. I registered for the MapleSEA blogger event that MapleSEA is holding. Hope my entry got entered and I win the contest but I believe with the help of you guys, I would be able to get a better chance at it!

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