Justice Patch Part 2 Patch Notes!


The number of days till phantom release to MapleSEA is just 2 days away! Ain’t you guys excited?! You guys can check out the phantom skill tables from my previous post! Lets get started on the events coming with the patch!

Phantom have been sending letter to Cassandra!

Phantom’s Mysterious Letter (Event Date: 14/11/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))


Upon talking to Cassandra, she will give you a Scented Secret Envelope.


When you open the Scented Secret Envelope, you will receive the following items and 3 Justice Coins!

image image

The couple T-shirt is back to allow you to have the special effect when stand next to your couple!

Marriage Gifts – Couple’s T-Shirts (Event Date: 14/11/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

If you and your couple tie the knot during the event period, the groom can talk to Jacob to receive the Bunny T-shirt

image image

The Bunny T-shirt will have this effect when you are standing with your other half!


December is the season of holidays! Its been a long time since Gaga and Cassandra have had holidays and they are longing for one.

Finding the Best Vacation Spots (Event Date: 14/11/12, 0000hrs – 05/12/12, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

Cassandra’s Dream Holiday

Cassandra is dreaming of going to Waikiki Beach to bask under the sun. Due to her busy work schedule, she is unable to take time off to visit the beach.

However, the symbols of Waikiki Beach, the Mini-Coconut Trees have been stolen by the monsters! Let’s take back the Mini-Coconut Trees, and return them to Cassandra.


Collect 50 of this Mini-Coconut Trees and give them to Cassandra. and she will reward you with 30 Waikiki Coconut


Note: This quest is repeatable every 5 minutes.

Gaga’s Dream Holiday

The weather i getting to Gaga. He is complaining that he gets tried very easily in this hot weather. His dream holiday will be to live in an Alaskan Igloo! Gaga needs your help to heat up the igloo before he crawls in!


After getting the Melted Igloo from Gaga, all you have to do is to hold the item for 30 minutes and it will change into the Legendary Igloo

image image

After warming the Legendary IglooGaga will reward you with 30 Alaskan Ice Candy


Note: Please take note that if you logout before the 30 minutes is up the Melted Igloo will melt till nothing and disappear and you will have to retake the quest again.
Note: This quest is repeatable every 5 minutes.

Monster Mop-Up! (Event Date: 14/11/12, 0000hrs – 05/12/12, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

As everyone goes for their dream holidays, even the monsters in Maple World is also looking for a place to have their vacations! This caused our famous vacation spots to be crowded with monsters! The authorities are looking for brave Maplers to help chase those monsters out and they are even giving rewards to everyone who helps out!

By selecting the quest “The Monster Mop-Up Journal” in the Event Notifierimage, you will receive aMonster Mop-Up Journalimage from the Maple Administrator.


After which, you can accept the quest “Monster Mop-Up!”. To complete this quest, all you have to do is to defeat 200 monsters 11 levels above or below your character.


Once you mop up 200 monsters, you will automatically register your attendance for the day. You will receive different rewards according to the number of days you have your attendance taken.


Rewards by the number of days of attendance.

Day 1: Power Elixir X 20
Day 2: Justice Coin
Day 3: Power Elixir X 30
Day 4: Justice Coin X 3
Day 5: Secret Recipe
Day 6: Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
Day 7: Special Potential Scroll

Note: This quest is repeatable every 10 minutes.
Note: You have to be a minimum of level 10 to take part in this event.

Besides defeating the monsters, Maple Scientists have posted in the Maple Science Weekly that they have researched and developed a Noise Recorder which is able to record and analyse the voice of the monsters. After which, the sound can be used to make monsters run away from our vacation spots.

By clicking on the Maple Science Weekly in the Event Notifierimage, you will be given the Noise Recorder. When you stay connected in-game for 30 minutes, Monster Noise will be recorded. However, all of your past recordings will be lost if you logout before the 30 minutes is up.


You will receive a Monster Mop-Up Buffimagefor your hardwork of chasing away the monsters with the new device.

Ever wondered what the monsters carry around when they go travelling? Now you can find out!
Monsters travelling to their vacation spots carry with them a Travelling Pouchimage


Note: Traveling Pouch cannot be obtained from monsters that are 21 levels higher or 11 levels lower than your character.

Phantom Celebration Day (Event Date: 15/11/12, 0000hrs – 16/11/12, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

Phantom is finally here! To celebrate his arrival, we will be having a Phantom Celebration Day! All Maplers who login from 15th to 16th of November 2012 can receive a Justice Gift Box from the box icon at the left side of the screen.


Upon clicking on the box icon, the following popup will appear:


Note: Please press the X button if you choose not the accept the box with the character you are in. Please also be informed that if the DECLINE is pressed, there will strictly be no reimbursement of the box.
After pressing the ACCEPT button, you will receive a Justice Gift Box which can only be opened on the 17th November 2012.


Opening the box will give you the following item and 20 Justice Coins!



Additional Information About Phantom

Phantom will not be able to complete the Trainer’s Command quest which grants the Follow the Lead skill.No reimbursement will be granted


-To celebrate Phantom’s flashy arrival, all accounts will be credited with a extra character slot!

Phantom Hot Time (Event Date: 17/11/12, 1400hrs – 17/11/12, 1401hrs (GMT+8))

To welcome the mysterious thief Phantom’s arrival, we will be having a Hot Time just for him!

This time we are not giving away 1 or 2 items, but we are giving away A TOTAL OF 8 ITEMS!

The items includes:



Phantom Information and Skills

Originally, the thief hero, Phantom, was a famous thief, able to steal anything he wanted. However, the death of a loved one (Aria, a previous Empress), led him on the path of the hero!

This video features Phantom’s past, including the death of Aria and Phantom joining the rest of the heroes!

This is the new character creation screen, putting a large emphasis on the classes changed/added in Justice! Phantom has 1 Rate of Growth and 3 Potential, Flexibility, and Difficulty.

Like the classes added in the Legend update, you can choose either gender when you create a Phantom.

Phantom’s base is the flying ship Crystal Garden! It hosts his many maids and also his butler Alfred. It allows him to move discretely throughout the Maple World. By talking to the Captain, Crystal Garden will fly to any destination Phantom desires.

Phantom’s tutorial involves him going undercover in Ereb, during a conference with one of the Black Mage’s commanders, Hilla. Hilla gives Cygnus the treasure of Ereb, the Skaia, a jewel that is said to glow in the hands of an Empress. However, it does not glow when Cygnus holds it, and Hilla insists that she is the rightful Empress!

This video plays during the tutorial. Phantom reveals himself and proves the Skaia that Hilla had was a fake. The skills that Phantom used look really cool! Karma, Hyper Body, and Hurricane! There are now English subtitles! If you don’t see them, try pressing the CC button.

Phantom has two weapons! The first is the Cane, his main weapon. Phantom’s attacking skills use this, and in addition, the Cane can change into any type of weapon, which is used when Phantom steals skills from other classes. The secondary weapon is the Cards, which are thrown by Phantom in some of his skills. These Cards can have potential.

Starting from his second job advancement, Phantom has a Card Stack on the side of his screen. This Card Stack is used in the beginner skill Judgement which can be used when the stack is full.

This stack starts off at 20 cards in second job (because of Blanc Carte) and increases to 40 cards in fourth job (because of Noir Carte).

Now for the skills! Thanks to Fiel of Southperry for the skill animations that do not have a character in them! Also, sorry about the speed of the aforementioned animations that do have a character in them, I’ll try to fix that soon… The skills are not actually that fast haha.


Phantom Junior (beginner)

  •  Skill Swipe: When used, you will enter Skill Swipe Mode, which allows you to click on an Adventurer (except Dual Bladers and Cannon Shooters) and choose which skills you want to steal in the Target Skill window. You cannot steal a passive skill, a summon, or a movement skill. Stolen skills will stay with you until you decide to delete them yourself.

  •  Load Out: Allows you to manage skills stolen from other Explorer characters. Use this skill to throw away stolen skills or call them up with Impeccable Memory. You have 4 slots for first and second job, 3 for third job, and 2 for fourth job. However, if you use a skill then switch active skills, the effect of the first skill will disappear.
  •  Judgement Draw: Uses up your entire stack of cards to pull out one card and grant additional effects to that card’s attack. Can only been used when your deck is full. Fortune Card – 5% critical chance increase, Misfortune Card – 10% item and drop rate increase. When used, 5 Blanc Cartes are thrown.
    • Judgement Draw(upgrade): Automatically upgraded at fourth job. Fortune Card – 10% critical chance increase, Misfortune Card – 20% item and drop rate increase, 3 new cards: Endurance Card – 20% increase in status and elemental resistance, Guardian Card – 100% defense increase, Drain Card – 3% of your damage is used to heal HP. When used, 10 Noir Cartes are thrown.

  •  Shroud Walk: Swathes you in a curtain of cards to teleport long distances.
  •  To The Skies: Returns to Phantom’s airship, Lumiere.
  •  Dexterous Training: Phantom carries phenomenal insight and dexterity that allow him to wield a variety of weapons. Permanently increase DEX by 40, base avoid by 20%, Craft level to 20, and Insight level to 20.
  •  Phantom Instinct: Uses phenomenal insight to locate an enemy’s critical weakness and increase your critical chance by 10%. (Link Skill)

Phantom (I)

  •  Double Entendre: Quickly attack up to 4 enemies in front of you for 160% damage twice. (max level: 20)

  •  Phantom Swiftness: While in the air, you can jump a certain distance (distance will increase as skill level increases). Passively increase your speed by 35, your maximum speed by 20, and your jump by 20. (max level: 15)
  •  Feather Foot: Permanently increases Avoidability by 20%. (max level: 10)
  •  Impeccable Memory I:Lets you use 1st job skills stolen from Explorers. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Skill Management. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill. (max level: 20)

Phantom (II)

  •  Mille Cartes: Launches a torrent of cards to push back up to 10 enemies in front of you and hit them for 320% damage. (max level: 20)

  •  Calling Card:  Launches enchanted cards, forward to attack up to 3 enemies for 170% damage 3 times. (max level: 20)
  •  Carte Blanche: Each critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck. (max level: 10)
  •  Cane Mastery: Increase your mastery over the Cane by 50% and your accuracy by 200. (max level: 20)

  •  Cane Booster: Increase the speed of your weapon by 2 stages for 240 seconds.(pre-requisite: 5 Cane Mastery) (max level: 20)
  •  Devil’s Luck: Permanently increase your LUK by 40. (max level: 10)
  •  Impeccable MemoryII: Lets you use 2nd job skills stolen from Explorers. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Skill Management. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill. (max level: 20)

Phantom (III)

  •  Blason: Quickly cut up to 8 enemies in front of you for 225% damage 4 times. (max level: 20)

  •  Rapier Wit: Rush up to 10 enemies and hit them for 270% damage 2 times, then shortly after moving hit them with a crescent moon cut for 270% damage 3 times. You can link this attack after Breeze Carte, and if you do, Breeze Carte’s delay will be reduced. Passively increase Breeze Carte’s damage by 50%. (max level: 20)

  •  Mist Mask: Have an additional 30% evasion rate. (max level: 20)
  •  Piercing Vision: Permanently increase your chance to hit a critical by 50%. (max level: 20)

  •  Final Feint: If you were to die while this buff was active, your HP would be restored, you would receive 4 seconds of invincibility, and the buff would be consumed instead. Passively increase your LUK by 60. There is a cooldown of 900 seconds.(max level: 20)

  •  Bad Luck Ward: For 240 seconds, protect yourself from misfortune by increasing your HP and MP by 30% and your resistance to states and elements by 40%.(max level: 20)

  •  Claire de Lune: Using the power of the blue moon, increase your attack by 30 and your accuracy by 200 for 240 seconds. (max level: 20)
  •  Impeccable Memory III: The stolen third job skill. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Skill Management. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill. (max level: 20)

Phantom (IV)

  •  Mille Aiguilles: Continuously attack up to 6 enemies in front of you with your Cane for 130% damage 2 times, you can move while holding the skill key down but your walking speed will be decreased while using it. (max level: 30)

  •  Penombre: Jump back and attack up to 10 enemies with powerful Cards for 600% three times. You can link this attack after Phantom Charge, and if you do, Phantom Charge’s delay will be reduced. Passively increase Phantom Charge’s damage by 50%.(max level: 20)
  •  Carte NoireWhenever Phantom has a critical hit, there is a 100% chance that enemies will be automatically hit by a Card for 220% damage. The Card Stack will be increased by 1. Passively increase evasion rate by 20%. (pre-requisite: 20 Blanc Carte) (max level: 20)
  •  Cane Expert: Increase your Cane Mastery to 70%, your attack by 30, and your minimum critical damage by 15%. (pre-requisite: 20 Cain Mastery) (max level: 30)

  •  Priere D’Aria: Aria’s prayers allow you to ignore 30% of an enemy’s defense and increases your damage by 30% for 240 seconds. (max level: 30)

  •  Tempest: A growing storm of powerful Cards attacks up to 8 enemies around Phantom for 400% damage continuously for as long as the skill key is held down. There is a cooldown of 12 seconds, which starts once you release the skill key. (max level: 30)

  •  Vol D’Ame: Steal the buffs of up to 12 monsters around you. If the monster has no buff, there is no effect. If you steal an attack related buff, you receive a 40 attack boost. If you steal a defense related buff, you reduce your damage taken by 40%. If you steal a damage reflection buff, you reflect 600% of the damage you take. If you steal an invincibility buff, you receive temporary invincibility. There is a cooldown of 60 seconds.(max level: 20)
  •  Impeccable Memory IV: The stolen fourth job skill. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Skill Management. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill. (max level: 30)

  •  Maple Warrior: Increases all players’ stats within the party by 15% for 900 seconds. (max level: 30)

  •  Hero’s Will: By focusing your mind, you can ignore abnormal status effects. There is a cooldown of 360 seconds. (max level: 5)

Information and skills all obtained from orangemushroom.wordpress.com