Personal Maple Blog #1

It have been a long time since I write a blog post like this. Been too concentrated on Mapling and other stuff ( like my real life part time job haha!)

I have been enjoying the Justice Patch that was patched into MapleSEA recently, it was fun. I enjoy playing the revamped thief/pirates and the new job, Phantom. I have again, shifted my main character and this time, I think I’m going to stay with him till he reach level 200.

My new main character is called ReImagined, a ultimate explorer chief bandit created using my Striker, Imaginal. However, I have been experiencing some lag problem recently and is unable to, play the game smoothly like I was used to.

Recently, I was also very lucky! I bought a few of the large cash shop surprise and I have gotten 2 pets from it! One permanent Persian Cat and A Corgi Pup!

Both of them look so cute XD!!!!!

I promise I will produce more blog posts and not be lazy to keep you guys up to date about MapleSEA!