Beware of scammers

Guys, one of my friends found this picture on MapleSEA’s facebook page

Image. The purpose of this post is to tell you guys to beware of scammers. I know noticing a scammer is not easy but do not give your item away/ trade? unless you are really trustthat person that you are 100% sure that he or she will not scam you.

Nexon Black Cipher?

There was a minor patch today and  I spotted something when I lauches MapleSEA! Image

Nexon BlackCipher Icon!

This is the first time I saw this icon! So I searched it online and it appears that it is a new anti-hack system from Nexon themselves and it works along side the current anti-hack system! Just hope that it does not affect our gameplay and prevent hackers that it was suppose to do! Haha!

Knight Of Light! Mihile!

Mihile will be introduced to MapleSEA tomorrow, on the 6th Of February 2013.



  •  Guardian of Light: Mikhail will be summoned and for 90 seconds, you will not be knocked back by monsters’ attacks. There is a 180 second cooldown. (Link Skill)
    • Note: your actual Mikhail character will appear above you!

First Job

  •  HP Increase: Increase your max HP by 20% permanently. (max level: 10)
  •  Soul Shield: Amplify the power of the Soul Shield to boost your defense and magic defense by 200. (max level: 15)
  •  Soul Agility: Permanently increase accuracy by 200, speed by 25, and jump by 20.(max level: 10)

  •  Soul Jump: Using the power of Soul, jump once again while in the air. As the skill level increase, the distance moved will increase. (max level: 10)

  •  Soul Blade: Give shape to Soul and throw it at up to 5 enemies for 340% damage.(max level: 20)

Second Job

  •  Physical Training: Permanently increase your STR and DEX by 30. (max level: 10)
  •  Sword Mastery: Permanently increase your mastery over the one-handed sword by 50% as well as your accuracy by 120. (max level: 20)
  •  Final Attack: There is a 40% chance to add an extra 150% damage attack when using attack skills. Must be using a sword. (prerequisite: level 3 Sword Mastery) (max level: 20)

  •  Sword Booster: For 200 seconds, increase the speed of your sword by 2 stages.(prerequisite: level 5 Sword Mastery) (max level: 20)

  •  Rage: For 180 seconds, increase the weapon attack of you and your party by 30.(max level: 20)

  •  Soul Driver: Use Soul’s power to attack up to 6 enemies for 145% damage 4 times. (max level: 20)

  •  Shining Chase: A sword of light is pointed at the enemy and is rushed towards them, hitting 400% damage on up to 6 enemies pushing them back. (max level: 20)

Third Job

  •  Self Recovery: Every four seconds you will recover an extra 300 HP and 90 MP. This effect works during battle. (max level: 30)
  •  Intention: Permanently increase your strength by 60 and increase your attacking speed by one stage. (max level: 20)
  •  Soul Attack: When attacking an enemy inflicted with a status, increase your damage and critical chance by 20%. (max level: 20)

  •  Soul Charge: For 300 seconds, charge your sword with power and increase your damage by 30%. (max level: 10)

  •  Soul Endure: For 180 seconds, increase your defense by 100%, and your resistance to elements and statuses by 60%. (max level: 20)

  •  Magic Crash: When used, there is a 100% chance that monsters around you will not be able to use buffs for 20 seconds. There is a cooldown of 60 seconds. (max level: 20)

  •  Soul Slash: Quickly attack up to 4 enemies in front of you for 230% damage 3 times. (max level: 20)

  •  Shining Buster: Release light to attack up to 6 enemies in front of you for 270% damage 3 times with a 20% chance to stun for 4 seconds. (max level: 20)

Fourth Job

  •  Combat Mastery : When attacking monsters, 40% defense is ignored. (max level: 10)
  •  Advanced Sword Mastery: Increase your mastery over the sword to 70%, as well as minimum critical damage by 15% and attack by 30. (prerequisite: level 20 Sword Mastery) (max level: 30)
  •  Advanced Final Attack: Increases your attack by 30, accuracy by 10%, chance to activate Final Attack to 60%, and Final Attack’s damage to 250% damage, Final Attack now hits twice. (prerequisite: level 20 Final Attack) (max level: 30)
  •  Advanced Soul Shield: Improve the Soul Shield and permanently decrease damage taken by 20%. (prerequisite: level 15 Soul Shield) (max level: 30)

  •  Stance: For 300 seconds, there is a 95% chance that you will not be knocked back by enemies’ attacks. (max level: 30)

  •  Maple Warrior: Increases you and your party’s stats by 15% for 900 seconds.(max level: 30)

  •  Soul Rage: For 240 seconds, concentrate your attacks on one enemy and increase your damage by 60%, critical rate by 20%, minimum critical damage by 15%. All skills will hit only one monster while this skill is active. There is a cooldown of 270 seconds. (max level: 30)

  •  Soul Assault: Attack an enemy in front of you for 360% damage four times with Soul imbued swords with a 40% chance to inflict Darkness on the enemy for 100 seconds which decreases their accuracy by 30%. The last hit of Soul Assault will always be a critical.(max level: 30)

  •  Shining Blast: Shoot a strong light in front of you to attack up to 6 enemies for 280% damage six times, with a 40% chance to stun for 6 seconds. (max level: 30)

Thanks to Fiel of Southperry for the skill icons and effects!

Thanks to Max of OrangeMushroom.wordpress for the skills information of Mihile!

The new class is also accompanied by its events!

Newly created Mihile will be receiving their Knight Of Light Chair!



Upon reaching level 50 on your Mihile during this event period which last till 13/03/2013, you will receive the Knight Of Light Ring!


Reaching level 75, your Mihile will be rewarded with its exclusive Luminous Edge Weapon!


Every 5 levels from level 10 to 40 and every 10 levels from level 40 to 70, you will be given Equipment Boxes!

Completing your 2nd job advancement, you will receive Mihile’s Earring!


Completing your 4th job advancement will give you a special mastery book from the choices given! image

Other classes will be enjoying events as well!

Upon completing Maple Adminstrator’s Gift Quest, you will be rewarded with the Maple Adminstrator’s Gift Box!


Accepting the Item Guard quest will give you a sealing lock which last for 30 days!


Valentines Day is around the corner!

By helping NPCs in the Maple World to confess their true feeling, you will be rewarded by Cody!


Veracent is also brought into MapleSEA!( like seriously?….)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl name Amanda.


Amanda lives in a small European village named Veracent.


One fine day, a little vampire named Claude appeared and kidnapped Amanda together with some of the villagers.


By helping the villagers by going through a series of quests, you will slowly uncover the secrets of Veracent and the Vampire Castle

By completing quests given by the Courage Statue and Wise Statue, you will be given titles that let you advance with the quests in the Vampire Castle! No compensation of titles will be given if the titles were thrown away! Do also take note that some quests are bounded by the day of the week! If you are unable to complete one within the day, try completing it on the next day might help to solve the problem!

There are also cash events as well!

To welcome the Chinese New Year, we will be having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale!

The following packages will contain 2 items but only at the price of 1:

image Seal Lock pack
image Gachapon Value Pack
image Megaphone Value Pack
image AP Reset Value Pack
image Scissors Value Pack
image Vicious Value Pack
image Golden Miracle Cube Value Pack

The promotion only last till 20th February 2013 and also the items in the package last for 14 days only!

Cash Shop Update

▪ imageBuff Freezer (1) 
▪ imageBuff Freezer (11)
Description of Buff Freezer: Any buffs you had before being resurrected will carry over when you use this after death. All event and cash buffs will carry over, but some skill buffs will not. You will automatically be asked if you want to use the item before ressurrection.
▪ imageMaple High School Entry Key (1)
▪ imageMaple High School Entry Key (11)
▪ imageSushi Family Hat Chest (Perm)
▪ imageAdd Pendant Slots: 7 Days
▪ imageRoyal Hair Coupon
▪ imageMaster Yeon (1)
▪ imageMaster Yeon (11)
Description of Master Yeon: It works exactly like the Owl of Minerva, but with Master Yeon, you will be able to search for the potential states of an item.
▪ imageAxel
▪ imageBone (1)
▪ imageBone (11)
▪ CNY Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Valentine Sale

▪ imagePam’s Song
▪ imageMount Gachapon Ticket
▪ imageCozy Wedding Ticket
▪ imageSweety Wedding Ticket
▪ imagePremium Wedding Ticket
▪ imageShielding Ward
▪ imageLunar Celebration Boy Package ( 30 Days Duration)
▪ imageLunar Celebration Girl Package ( 30 Days Duration)
▪ imageSuper Miracle Cube
▪ imageMiracle Cube

I have not been on Maple for a long time, been playing games like Dead Space 2 and the newly released Dead Space 3! Hope you guys enjoy the patch!