March Events And Cash Shop Update!

Lots of events are coming in March! but most of them are the events that are held before though… anyways lets get this over with haha!

Cassandra’s Spring Flower Festival will be held from 13th March to 24th April 2013!, it is repeatable as long as the character have the required item and the buff will overwrite any existing similar buff and will dissappear upon logging out! Do take note of that!

Easter Event is back as well!

there are tons of quests under this event!

Easter : Easter Basket (Repeatable once a day)

Easter : Mad Bunny’s Easter (yellow) for level 8 to 29 characters (Repeatable once a day)

Easter : Mad Bunny’s Easter(green) for level 30 to 69 (Repeatable once a day)

Easter :  Mad Bunny’s Easter(red) for lvl 70 or above (Repeatable once a day)

Reward of Easter Basket image , Easter Charm image and EXP will be given when completed the quests!

Easter : Golden Egg (Repeatable every 2 hours!)

Rewards for Easter :Golden Egg will be random amount of exp or a chance to get a Bunny DIsguise ( Bunny DIsguise I for lvl 8 to 29, II for lvl 30 – 69 and III for lvl 70 or above)

image imageimage
Cassandra is also giving maplers to keep the spring pinwheel for 30mins and will reward you something special like buffs!

LUcky 3!3!3!


You all have to do is to defeat 300 Monsters near to your levels! Note: Monster 11 levels below you or 21 levels higher than you will not count even if you defeat them


Every time you finish defeating 300 monsters, you will be able to receive a 3×3 Event Box.


After completing the quest for 3 times, on top of the 3×3 Event Box., you will also receive a 3×3 Event Gold Box.


Besides this, the Maple Administrator is also giving away free items everyday! You will receive the following items just by talking to her!

Return of Saint Saviour Event!
By activating the event buff, your character attendance will be marked! Final reward will be given on the 10th day! It starts from 13th March 2013 till 24 April 2013!

Attendance Rewards

Knights of Virtue 3rd Day Participation
• 100x Power Elixir image

Knights of Virtue 4th Day Participation
• 1 x Secret Recipe image

Knights of Virtue 5th Day Participation
• 3 x Scrolls of Accessory for ATT/M.ATT 15% image

Knights of Virtue 6th Day Participation
• 1 x Nightmare Mount 10-Day Coupon image

Knights of Virtue 7th Day Participation
• 1 x Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll image

Knights of Virtue 8th Day Participation
• 1 x Special Potential Scrol image

Knights of Virtue 9th Day Participation
• 1 x Golden Hammer image

Knights of Virtue 10th Day Participation
• 1 x Shades of Virtuosity image

Eliminate Eregos!

You will be able to hunt him down till the 24th of April 2013 from today!

Minimum Requirement: Level 15 or higher


1) The Boss Monster for the Knights of Virtue will randomly appear in a map
2) Upon defeating the Boss Monster, you will receive an Evil Spirit Box.
3) You will receive random rewards upon opening the Evil Spirit Box image

4) The Boss Monster will spawn between 1000hrs – 0000hrs (+8 GMT)

theres april fool events as well! It starts on the 1st of April 2013 till 24th of April!

Help NPC Joyce image with the Liar Liar Quest and be rewarded with a Pinocchio Noseimage

NPC Joyce can be found inside the Event Map.

NPC Gordon image at El Nath needs some help from you as well. You will be handsomely rewarded withLiar’s wood Liquid image or Pinocchio Transformation Potion image once you completed the task given by him.

Beware! You are warned of the consequences of telling a lie! You may just end up like poor little Pinocchio! image

The same old alien event is back as well…… These same old events is making me to start feeling bored~

It starts on the 14 of April2013.

Evil aliens are on the loose over the whole of MapleSEA AGAIN! Vavaan the Space Detective requires the help of all Maplers once again to assist him in capturing all these aliens that are roaming around in almost all towns!


How do I capture the aliens? And using what?

• Look for NPC Vavaan located in the Event Map to receive the quest.
• You will receive 1 use slot item, Capture-the-Alien-Ball.
• Hit the aliens in towns to make them weak enough to be captured.
• Move near the alien and use Capture-the-Alien-Ball to held it captive inside the ball. (Hint: Item can be set under key settings)
• Exchange the Captured Alien Ball with Vavaan and receive [Milky Way Star]
• Open up [Milky Way Star] and receive surprise rewards including Star over a Tree Chair!


Alien Capture Ranking
That’s not all! Vavaan is also putting up a generous reward out to avid helpers in capturing these evil~fly~doers!
Talk to NPC Vanaan to check on the top rankings and scores in alien capturing!


At the end of the event on 24th April 2013Top 3 Characters of Each World in alien capturing will receive the following prizes:

1st Place : 68,888 MAPLE POINTS
2nd Place48,888 MAPLE POINTS
3rd Place 28,888 MAPLE POINTS

Together with this new patch, brand new items have been added into the Gachapon Machines!

imageIntroducing the Cretaceous Mount!
This mount comes in both 15 days and 1 year duration.
imageIntroducing the Crimson Nightmare Mount!
This mount comes in both 15 days and 1 year duration.

Besides mounts, there is also a new chair being added!

imageIntroducing the Underwater Globe!

Last but not least, a new Heart of Aria is also added!

imageIntroducing the Endless Heart of Aria!
Atleast these items looks cool though… I LOVE THE CHAIR AND MOUNTS! I WANT THEM!
MapleSEA will be giving away 100k @cash to 1 lucky gachapon jackpot winners per world!

The Grandpa bunny we once know have now turned into a thief !

Have you notice this grandpa bunny image roaming around in all town ?

Maple Administrator is offering a reward for all maplers who have captured the grandpa bunny. In order to capture the grandpa bunny, maplers would need to purchase a Bunny Rope Couponimage from the Cash Shop.

By double clicking on the Bunny Rope Couponimage, a magic bunny rope image will appear on the “USE” tab. Maplers will need to double click on the the magic bunny rope image near the grandpa bunny in order to capture it successfully.

Rewards like Epic Potential Scroll 100%, Vanilla Ice Cream Mooncake Chair, Strawberry Ice Cream Mooncake Chair, Reading Chair and many more can be obtained from the event will be held from 13th March to 24th April 0900 hours!

From 13th March 2013 till 24th April 2013, Premium Mini Dungeon (PMD) is back with better rewards and even more EXP bonus!

What are the features of Premium Mini Dungeon?

• Requirement level : Level 1 ~ Lv 200
• Over 11 Dungeon Maps!
• Various weapons and boxes drop
• Many Chairs drop too!


• Single / Party mode available. (You only need to buy 1 Party Coupon to bring your whole party in!)
• Increase exp bonus on requirement kill counts.
• Talk to NPC Rechanuni for rewards.

Premium Mini Dungeon
Kill Counts EXP BONUS
0~100 kill counts ~
101~200 kill counts 110%
201~300 kill counts 120%
301~400 kill counts 130%
401~500 kill counts 140%
501~ kill counts 150%

How to enter into the dungeon?

• Take your Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket image with you and head to the Dungeon.

• Find NPC Lepree image to enter into the Premium Mini Dungeon.


• When you hunt monsters in PMD, you will earn Clover coins image when you hunt the monsters. Collect them for rewards!

• Find NPC Rechanuni image at the entrance to exchange your coins for items!

• image [PMD] Warrior Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Magician Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Bowman Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Thief Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Pirate Weapon Box
• image [PMD] PMD Maple Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Green Clover Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Silver Clover Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Golden Clover Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Weapon Box
• image [PMD] Consume Item Box
• image [PMD] Propensity Item Box
• image [PMD] Scroll Box
• image [PMD] Chair Box
• image [PMD] Mystery Box (Stand a chance to get image Miracle Scrolls in this box!)


Von Leon Alliance is back once again creating chaos in Maple World !

Queen Ifnia, wife of King Von Leon is seeking brave Maplers to enter the Dark Alley to defeat the fearsome Cyclops!

To proceed, go to the Mirror of Dimensions and enter the Von Leon Alliance 2012 map.


To enter the Dark Alley, you will require a special ticket which can be obtained from the Cash Shop.


Likewise, if you show your bravery to the Queen by hunting 100 Von Leon’s Seals which can be obtained from monster in the Maple World, she will reward you with one Von Leon Alliance Ticket daily!


After getting your ticket, team up with two brave Maplers to defeat fearsome Cyclops! (Note: You can only enter with a party of 3.)

Click on the Recruitment Board to enter the Dark Alley


In the Dark Alley, defeat the boss to get your reward!


After defeating the boss, talk to the Recruitment Board to move to the end map.


Talk to the Recruitment Board again to receive your reward.


Stand a chance to obtain the MapleSEA Exclusive shoulder decoration.


Isn’t it a good Shoulder Pad? Thats not all! It can be a Potential Item!


Von Leon Alliance 2013 will be available from 13th March 2013 – 24th April 2013

Players will be able to enter the Dark Alley to defeat the Cyclops as long as they possess the Von Leon Alliance Ticket / Cash Item. One Von Leon Alliance Ticket / Cash Item will be consumed upon entry.

However, the Von Leon Alliance system event is still on-going and players who have in possession of the Von Leon Alliance Tickets are advised to use their tickets before 24th April 2013, 0900hrs(GMT+8) the end date of the system event.

Please be informed that Von Leon Alliance Ticket / Cash item will not be non usable after the 24th April 2013, 0900hrs and Maplers are advised to use the Ticket before the mentioned date.

Please also be informed that there will be no reimbursement of any kind for players with non usable tickets after24th April 2013,0900hrs(GMT+8).

-Seal chair will no longer be be obtainable from Von Leon Alliance 2013.
-Seal chair will be replaced with Empress Skin Chair.


Pink Bean gachapon will be held from 13th March to 24th April 2013 0900hrs(GMT+8).


As the name stated, the Pink Bean Gachapon is related to Gachapon. When you use the normal Gachapon machine, there is a chance for you to obtain a Melted Chocolate


Upon receiving the Melted Chocolate, you will also receive a quest with the same name. Which states that if you have 9 pieces of the Melted Chocolate, you will be able to exchange its for a random chocolate.


After collecting 9 pieces of the Melted Chocolate, another quest will be triggered. The Many a Mickle Makes a Muckle quest which states that the Maple Administrator will trade your 9 Melted Chocolate for a random chocolate. NOTE: The exchange will not happen at a 100% rate.


When you obtained all 9 pieces of Chocolate, you will be able to summon the Pink Bean via the popup!


You will only be able to summon the Pink Bean in maps with the Gachapon Machine. For example, Henesys Park.

After summoning the Pink Bean, it will describe the rules.


It will then start its countdown before dropping the 5 boxes for you to choose from.


Upon summoning the pink bean, you will have one chance to win one of the following items.




-Abyss and fearless weapons have been removed.
-You will 100% obtain one of the reward show in the reward list above.

Fortune Bag by i-Gacha is back !


Fortune Bag by i-Gacha will only be around from the 13th March 2013 to the 20th March 2013,0900hrs(GMT+8).

Start Date & Time: 13th March 2013, 0000hrs (+8 GMT)

Time: 24hrs Daily

Fortune Bag by i-Gacha Event Duration: 13th March 2013 to the 20th March 2013,0900hrs

If you need more information how to create an i-Gacha account, you can check out the FAQsSign Up Guide and other information from our i-Gacha page.

Reward Lists


1. 2 Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls Coupon
2. 2-Star Enhancement Scroll
3. Scroll for Pet Equip. for ATT 60%
4. Scroll for Pet Equip. for MAGIC ATT 60%
5. EXP Gachapon Scroll 1
6. Chewing Panda Chair
7. Fuzzy Kitty Chair
8. Baby Bear’s Dream
9. Yellow Robot Chair
10.Confusion Fragment
11.Primal Essence
12.Miracle Cube (12)
13.Super Miracle Cube (12)
14.Golden Miracle Cube (2)
15.Enlightening Miracle Cube (2)
16.Rising Sun Belt
17.Witch’s Deep Purple Belt
18.Darkness Ring 1
19.Darkness Ring 2
20.Darkness Ring 3
21.Spectrum Goggles
22.Perm Aria android coupon
23.Raven Horn Crimson Cane *HOT
24.Raven Horn Baselard *HOT
25.Raven Horn Metal Fist *HOT
26.Endless Heart of Aria (Perm)*HOT

Cash Shop Update

▪ image Shield Ward
▪ image Shield Ward (2)
▪ image Perfect Innocence Scroll
▪ image Golden Stamp
▪ image Urete’s Time Lab
▪ image Von Leon Alliance Ticket
▪ image Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket
▪ image Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket (For Party)
▪ image Bunny Rope Coupon (1)
▪ image Bunny Rope Coupon (11)
▪ image Ga-cha-pon Ticket (10)
▪ image Ga-cha-pon Ticket (15)
▪ image Ga-cha-pon Ticket (50)
▪ image Ga-cha-pon Ticket (100)
▪ image Pet Buff Auto Skill

▪ image Pet Perfume Pack
▪ image Pet Perfume Pack (5)
▪ image Pet Perfume Pack (11)
▪ image Safety Charm (Permanent)
▪ image Carta’s Pearl
▪ image Silver Stamp
▪ image Adel Pet
▪ image CNY Event Invitation


Bug Fixes

1. Item Tag can now be overwritten by another Item Tag to change the name of the item.
2. Blackboard is now able to be used in Azwan
3. Bandit’s Meso Explosion have been fixed.
4. Neo City quest appearing only at level 125 have been fixed, the quest will now appear at level 105.
5. Client will no longer crash when exchanging for Silent Crusade items.

I got bored at the end hahas…… So just copied it from MapleSEA website like I used to…. But really, these events kinda do get really boring now :/


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