Cash Shop Update on the 27th of March 2013

There will be a cash shop update tomorrow. Bringing in more stuff into our cash shop to earn hardearn money from us poor maplers haha. The cash shop update looks interesting to me this time, bringing a cube I never seen before( maybe it was brought in and I missed it). The cash shop update includes Jr. Balrog Scroll, Mutant Pig Scroll, Revoluntionary Miracle Cube, Golden Miracle Cube and Glowing Butterfly Wings. The scroll, from what I found, it just turns you into Jr. Barlog and Mutant Pig only, nothing special, but the Revoluntionary cube, I’m interested in it as it could bring your item which has potential to legendary rank.Posted Image The glowing buttefly wing chest also bring new butterfly wings into Maplesea and hopefully they are these,

Thanks to Fiel from southperry and max from orangemushroom for these images.

edit: my bad, the wings are these and they are permanent too.


image image image


, they just look so nice~. Sadly, the server will not be available since theres a server check as while.

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