Demon Avenger!

Demon Avenger will be release in MapleSEA tomorrow! The skills information can be seen at , its much more detailed than the fact sheet created by MapleSEA, but effort taken haha!


The creation of Demon is back and it just got more interesting. Demon Avenger has arrived in MapleSEA. You can now choose to be a Demon Slayer or Demon Avenger upon completion of the Demon tutorial. 


Unlike Demon SlayerDemon Avenger does not utilize Demon Force for his skills. Instead it uses its HP to execute his skills, bringing the gameplay to a whole new level. Do note that for existing Demon Slayer, players areunable to convert Demon Slayer to Demon Avenger.





For more information please refer to our Factsheet for more details.


Spark the owner of Season2 Shop had just import a new set weapons to celebrate the launch of Season2. Head over now to get yourself some new weapons.



1. [System Event] Demon Avenger Open Celebration (Event Date: 15/05/2013 – 17/07/2013 0859 hrs (GMT +8)

To celebrate the coming of Demon Avenger, all newly created Demon Avengers during the event period will receive special gifts!

At Level 30,50,60,70, accept the quest “[Demon Avenger] for you who has grown!”, you will be able to receive a equipment box and 3 Season2 Coin.



At Level 50, accept the quest “[Demon Avenger] Lv50! A special ring for you!”, you will get a special ring and 2 Season2 Coin.



At Level 70, accept the quest “[Demon Avenger] Lv70! A special Privilege for you!”, you will be given 3 Season2 Coin and also “Special Mastery Book” of your choice.




2. [System Event] Class Warfare (Event Date: 15/05/2013 – 17/07/2013 0859 hrs (GMT +8)

Do you know all the classes like the back of your hand? Take this chance to test yourself as you face off against other classes. Be careful, even though they are NPC but they still pack quite a punch.


Everyday during 8am to 12am, a letter of challenge will appear on top of the character head.. Accept the letter to challenge one of the class. Every time you accept the challenge, you will be fighting a random class. There are a total of 18 classes waiting for your challenge.


To add on, grab the quest from Maple Administrator and upon complete the quest, you will be given a medal as a reward.


image – Bronze Class Certification
image – Silver Class Certification
image – Gold Class Certification


Please note the following
1. You cannot enter the challenge if you do not have space in the EQUIP tab.
2. Characters you defeated will be displayed in the status board.
3. You can not choose who to fight beforehand. It is random.
4. You win once you eliminate the opponent.
5. You will only receive EXP when you defeat a character that you have already defeated. 


3. [System Event] Treasure Island (Event Date: 15/05/2013 – 12/06/2013 0859 hrs (GMT +8)


An island filled with treasure was recently discovered accidentally by Gaga while he was treasure hunting. Unfortunately, Gaga has lost the key to get into this treasure island. Help Gaga find the key and who knows he may bring you along to this treasure island as a reward. But be warned, as the treasure island exist in another dimension, you will only have limited time inside as the key power is limited.


1. Required level 20 and above
2. Talk to Gaga in any town to begin
3. Collect 50 Stardust from monsters
4. Turn in the Stardusts to Gaga to receive a Shining Star and also 1 Season2 coin.
5. Gaga can create up to 2 Shining Stars a day.
6. Use normal attacks in the map to break open the chest to receive rewards.
7. Time limit is 60 seconds.



There is a total of more than 70 different kind of rewards in the treasure chest, including Necro and Reverse equipments.

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