Xenon Patch Notes!


Xenon, the Thief and Pirate hybrid class has joined the Resistance Force. Grab this chance to help the Resistance battle against the evil Gelimer and recover Xenon’s memory.


Note: A new character slot will be given for Xenon creation

For more information, please refer to here or here! http://orangemushroom.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/kms-ver-1-2-183-the-ultimate-weapon-xenon/

Xenon will be released on the 3rd of July! Many players have been waiting for it for a long time and its here!

Blocking of Creation of Knights of Cygnus Characters


Something is happening to Ereve. A water barrier had formed around Ereve, preventing people from entering. The Maple Alliance Forces are trying to contact Nineheart or Cygnus Queen but are unable to do so as the water barrier has blocked all communication.


With effect from 3rd July 2013, all Knights of Cygnus character creation will be blocked.

o.0 thats quick? Lots of us didnt expect this at all!!

Dimension Invade


Hilla and Magnus are joining forces and are planning for something major. Pantheon is requesting help from Maplers to assist in defending the invasion of Hilla and Magnus.

1. Level Requirement: Lv. 140 and above
2. To access Dimension Invade, accept the quest [Dimension Invasion] Beyond Dimensions
3. Players will have to form a party consisting of minimum 1 player and clear the different stages in Dimension Invade
4. Bonus stages will be unlocked if the party manages to fulfil certain criteria while clearing this party quest.
5. Players can also access from the Mirror of Dimension found in most towns.




Pantheon decided to deal with the traitor, Magnus. They managed to secure a zone “Reclaimation HQ” in Heliseum, located just outside of Pantheon. New quests will be availablle to players in this new zone. Head over to Heliseum now and help Pantheon prepare for the attack on Magnus.

Magnus Boss


Magnus, the new Boss in MapleSEA, is here!. He heard that Maplers are joining forces with Pantheon to defeat him. Nestled in his throne in Tyrant Castle, he waits for challengers to fight against him.


To defeat Magnus, players will need to take note of the following:
1. Players must be inside the blue zone in order to deal damage to Magnus. Once outside this zone, there will be no damage dealt to Magnus.
2. Players need to avoid the colour stones falling from the top. Upon hit, the Green stone will deal damage equivalent to 50% of Max HP, while the Purple stone and Blue stone will result in instant death
3. Players are advised to avoid the green gas that spawns around the map as they will stun the characters and disable skills.

Von Leon Alliance (03/07/2013 – 31/07/2013 0859hrs (+8 GMT)


Von Leon Alliance is back. To participate in this boss raid, you can purchase a Von Leon alliance ticket image from our cash shop or collect 100 ticket pieces and exchange for a ticket.

For more information, please refer here

Old events… old events….

[System Event] Xenon Birth Event (03/07/2013 – 31/07/2013 0859hrs (+8 GMT)

As a welcome to the launch of Xenon, players who create a Xenon character will receive special items during the event period

At Level 30, 50, 60, 70, accept the quest “[Xenon] for you, who’s grown!” and you will receive a equipment box and Season2 coins


At Level 50, accept the quest “[Xenon] Lv. 50! A special ring for you!”, you will receive a Xenon ring and 2 Season2 coins


At Level 70, accept the quest “[Xenon] Lv. 70! A special privilege for you!”, you will receive a special mastery book of your choice and also 3 Season2 coins.


Between Level 50 to 100, at every 5 level interval, accept the quest “[Xenon] Congratulations on your level-up!”, you will receive a Electric Shock Bit Box and 3 Season 2 coins.


[System Event] Spin the Wheel (03/07/2013 – 31/07/2013 0859hrs (+8 GMT)


Mr Bunny and Mr Snail has set up a mini game stall in every town. TThey need your help to gather tickets from monsters all around the world

Collect those tickets from the monsters and you can exchange for a chance to spin the wheel with them. You will stand to win interesting prizes

• image Normal Wheel Box
• image Slightly Better Wheel Board Box
• image Much Better Wheel Board Box
• image Great Wheel Board Box
• image Fabulous Wheel Board Box
• image Perfect Wheel Board Box

[System Event] Cherish the Fall of Maple Leave (03/07/2013 – 31/07/2013 0859hrs (+8 GMT)

image image image

Cassandra recently had discovered a magical Maple Leaf and there is a rumor about this special leaf. If special care were given to it, player will be able to receive some special reward.

1. Player will have to accept the quest “Maple Leaves in Autumn” and the item Yellow Maple Leaf will be given under the Setup Tab
2. Hold the Yellow Maple Leaf for 30 minutes. Do note that logging out or disconnection will cause the item to disappear.
3. After 30 minutes, the Yellow Maple Leaf will turn into a Red Maple Leaf
4. Opening the Red Maple Leaf, you will be reward with a Additional Potential Provision Scroll and Season 2 Coin.
5. This quest can only be done once per day per Maple ID.

[System Event] Golden Dream Secret (03/07/2013 – 07/08/2013 0859hrs (+8 GMT)

image image image image image image

Recently, a few golden pigs were spotted roaming around Maple World. It seems like they belonged to Gold Richie and had wandered out of Gold Beach apparently. Rumour has it that these golden pigs carry treasures within them. Will you be able to find them? These pigs are not easy to spot and they will only appear at certain timings to hunt for food. Luckily, Gold Richie Junior accidentally leaked a secret on when the pigs will come out for food hunting.

Weekday : Night Time
Weekend : Afternoon

Upon defeating one golden pig, there is a chance to get the Golden Pig’s Dream Box.


Since the golden pigs escaped from their homes, they had influenced some of the monsters in Maple World to dropSecret Boxes too.
1. Only selected monsters will drop the Secret Box.
2. Boxes obtained from higher level monsters will give better rewards.
3. Some rewards from the Secret Box include Beryl Maple equipment, Crimson Maple Equipment, Grand Maple Amethysian Equipment and many other exciting stuff.


[System Event] Smashing Magnus (03/07/2013 – 31/07/2013 0859hrs (+8 GMT)

image image

With the arrival of Magnus in MapleSEA, Maple Administrator decided to hold a competition for all Maplers. The competition will be from 3rd July 2013 to 31st July 2013. There will be two parts to this competition

Part 1

Maple Administrator will judge based on the following criterias.

1. Highest Total Damange dealt to Magnus in a single round.
2. Highest DPS (Damage Per Second) in a single round
3. Lowest Dead Count in a single round

For each world, there will be one (1) winner for each category, so there will be a total of 15 winners across all five (5) worlds. All 15 winners will get a “Magnus Defeating Spearhead” image

Part 2
From this pool of 15 winners, Maple Administrator will again select one (1) winner from each category and reward them with a “Tylent Belt (Class Specified)”image

Therefore prepare yourselves for this competition. You not only have to comepte with people from your own world, you also have to compete with other worlds to rise to the top.

Terms and Conditions
• All prizes will be credited after the event ends.
• If there is a tie between the players, the winner will be randomly chosen.
• Maple Administrators reserves the right to amend and adjust the event mechanism as deem fit. Any change(s) will be announced on the official website.

2 thoughts on “Xenon Patch Notes!

  1. Is there a list of the mobs that drop secret boxes and annd the items that are obtainable from the secret boxes??

    • Normal mobs, pq mobs and mobs in ESS should drop the boxes, its base on my experiences. As for the rewards, normal potions, circle chairs, wood branch noses, moon bunny tail and those cash items look alike normal items.

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