Hi there.

Hi guys,

Sorry for not posting for a long long long time, was not active on maple for a long time too so Im sorry for that. I dont even think that people read this blog anymore at all hahas. Anyways I shall begin what I got from MapleSEA today. Yesterday I went online surfing and found out there have been items duped in MapleSEA recently and MapleSEA took action by tradeblocking people, that sounds good right? No it doesnt sound good if they actually tradeblock the right people, instead they tradeblocked the wrong, innocent people. Like i said at the top of the post, I have not been online for a long time, ever since I quit my xenon, I didnt actually go back until like the first day of hayato and kanna patch, and thats it, I am online for that day and Im off. I havent been online since then. So I was wondering if my account got that kind of tradeblocked treatment too, and to my surprise it did.Image

I literally cant drop anything or trade anything in my inventory at all, kinda sad news for me if I was just gonna give maple a new try and see if I will continue it for awhile again but MapleSEA didnt allow me to do so. I’ve sent a ibox to them regarding this issue and hopefully they resolve it quick and hopefully upgrade their autobanning system to ban the right people instead of innocent people who might invested alot of cash into their account or to style their characters in the legal way( by buying @cash). Anyways, if there is actually people who read this now, I like to thank you guys and hopefully, I will get this blog/wordpress active again. See you guys soon, peace.

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