Dual Blade Revamp Events and Mu Lung DoJo Revamp!


This is the banner for the game client update on 16th Jan. “The battle against Hilla starts now!”, does this mean that Hilla is comfirmed to be brought into MapleSEA this update with the dual blade revamp? We shall see.

The Mu Lung DoJo have been revamped, there will be three modes available( normal, hard and ranked) and you can only challenge normal mode at lvl 90, hard on 120 and ranked mode on lvl 130.

You can only enter each modes 3 times per day!

There are 10 stages for normal mode and 20 stages for hard mode and the difficulty of the monsters have been lowered! The exp given as well have been increased and you will get exp for clearing normal and hard mode!

You will be able to accumulate Mu Lung Points in hard mode and you will be ranked base on the points obtained in a week and you will be able to recieve items base on your rank!

You’ll receive a buff that increases the chance of Mu Lung Lucky Shot (A lucky bonus item that gets you additional points in the Mu Lung Dojo Hard Mode) dropping if you enter the Dojo every day!

The points obtained from hard mode will be reset on a weekly basis. and those gloves obtained like Hero’s Gloves’s potential will no longer be applied in Mu Lung DoJo, well asiasoft, do you have to do this? ==

However the gloves duration have been increased from 1 to 7 days! YAY! also the Mu Gong’s Belt duration will be increased from 7 to 15 days! Mu Gong’s Belt scroll has been added. Mu Lung Dojo monsters will drop it at a set chance and Mu Gong’s Belt will be epic on reveal within this event duration!

16/01/13, 0900hrs – 13/03/13, 0859hrs (GMT +8)


The golden temple hev been converted into a theme dungeon but only a character which is at least lvl 130 and have accepted or completed the “Noi More Tourist” Quest from the Maple Mailbox before the Golden Temple Icon will appear in Mirror Of Dimension!



New rewards have been added as well!




Only the mask and the medal looks interesting for me though…..

GAGA will be giving free cash items for everybody!


The giftaway includes decorative items, effects and Nametag rings and will only last for 7 days

Monsters of Maple World are feeling generous too!

You will find monsters in most towns with a “Click” placards.

image image

Click on the monsters and they will drop a New Year’s Gift Box.


The New Year’s Gift Box contains restorative items and trait EXP items, Secret Recipes, and a buff. However the boxes only came in first come, first serve basis and you are only able to open 20 boxes a day and only able to open boxes within the event period.

Newly created accounts within this event duration

16/01/13, 0900hrs – 06/02/13, 0859hrs (GMT +8)

will be able to receieve these items at level 10 and lvl 30.

Level 10


Level 30

The prize will be directly credited into your Cash Shop inventory if you are eligible.

Back to old School Maple

You will be able to go back to the past maple story using the crack in the dimension mirror!


this is caused by an earthquake, teleporting people into wrong maps! Cassandra needs your help to find out whats wrong with it and to fix it.

By helping the citizens of the past Maple World, you will be able to obtain Old Maple Coins.


By collecting coins and going to Inkwell, you will be able to exchange the coins for various Maple Items.

Dual Blades Rebirth (Event Date: 16/01/13, 0900hrs – 06/02/13, 0859hrs (GMT +8)

The Dual Blades are finally back! With the return of the Dual Blades, we have prepared various events specifically catered for both new and old Dual Blades!

i) To kick-start, all newly created Dual Blades will receive a quest a quest A New Blade Rises from theMaple Mailbox.


Upon accept the quest, you will be given a Gift For new Dual Blades.


Opening the Gift For new Dual Blades. will give you the following items:

image image

1)The Spirit Pendant has a duration of 30 days.

2)The Gift For new Dual Blades. will only last for 7 Days, so remember to open it before it expires!

ii) At level 10, 2 new quest will be triggered. SP Rest Scroll and Double Edged Destroyers.


After accepting the Double Edged Destroyers. quest, you will receive the following items.

image image

The Dueling Dual Blades is a buff coupon that increases you Max HP/MP for 30 minutes. The higher your level, the higher your Max HP/MP will be increased. It can be stacked with other buffs. It does not disappear from the inventory after use, and it can be used as much as you desire at 30-minute intervals within the event period. It will expire when the Dual Blades Reborn events end.

The Equipment Boxes will be given every 5 levels from level 10 to 40 and every 10 levels from level 40 to 70.

Aside from the buff coupon and the equipment boxes, you will also receive 1.5x EXP Coupons, Scrolls for Katara for ATT 60% Scrolls for Dagger for ATT 60% and Chaos Scroll 60% at specific levels.

The Double Edged Destroyers is a repeatable quest which will appear in your Maple Mailbox everytime you gain 5 levels.

Below is the list of rewards that you can receive at the different levels:


1)The SP Reset Scroll will expire after 3 days if you do not use it.

2)You cannot receive the reward for a lower level after you level up, so make sure to collect your rewards while you can! For example, you cannot collect the Lv.20 reward once you reach Lv.21.

3)When you are Lv.100 or higher, you can do the quest once, regardless of level.

4)The Dueling Dual Blades buff coupon will be received once, at whichever level you first collect a reward from this event.

5)All rewards are untradable.

iii) There will also be rewards given whenever you job advance from 2nd to 4th job. Rewards includes a Mask and a Medal for each job advancement.

For example at 2nd job advancement, you will receive the following items:

image image

iv) At level 50, you will receive a special ring call the Dual Blade Ring.


v) Then at level 75, you will receive a quest Heaven Splitter quest. Accepting this quest will reward you with the following 2 equipments.

image image

vi) Beside all of the above, you will also be receiving different Special Mastery Books at different levels.

Below is a list of Special Mastery Books that you can obtain at the specific levels.


vii) Last but not least, for those Dual Blades mastery books that are not longer in use, you are able to change it by talking to the Maple Administrator.


1) Each of the options will allow you to change different books.

GAH! I’m so excited about this patch!

Edit! We are just minutes from the patch :DDDDD

I found more events that are brought in with this patch!


Permanent Pet Box will be available in the cash shop from 16/01/2013 till 06/02/2013!

The pets are given randomly from the list of pets below!


Pet Food Party!

All pet food in the cash shop will be only sold at 750 Maple Cash EACH!!!!! but only from 16/01/2013 till 30/01/2013 though.


▪ Emo Piglet Chair
▪ Merlion Chair
▪ Twin-Tower Chair

those permanent chairs stated above will be on sales in the cash shop till 30th Jan!


From 16/01/2013 to 23/01/2013, the floowing items will be sold at a discounted price!


The following Permanent Decorative Cash Items will be sold at 40% DISCOUNT off original price!!



GMs are hosting sandbag contest!
imageimageSince Hilla will be released today, they will be giving 2 blackheart pets for those who send in submissions that either shows the most painful damage dealt by Hilla or thw lowest damage dealth by Hilla and if you submit the most painful damage dealth by Hilla screen shot, tell them if you have survive the hit!
Like them on MapleSEA Facebook and post your screenshot to thier timeline with the following details.1) IGN
2) World

Event Period:
17th January 2013 to 25th January 2013

Contest Rules:
▪ Only one winner will be chosen for each category.
▪ Entries are judged by the number of damage shown on the screenshot submissions.
▪ Damage that show up as “MISS” or “1” are not eligible for participation to this contest.
▪ In the event of a tie, a lucky draw will be conducted to select the winner.
▪ Players who use hack, offensive, sexual, abusive representations etc. will be dealt with according to their User Abuse Policy.
▪ Winners will receive the prize redemption codes via their AsiaSoft Passport registered email within 7-9 working days.
• Asiasoft reserve the rights to amend any of the above Rules & regulations without prior notice.

Cash Back Event 2013!
From 16th January 2013, 0900hrs – 13th February 2013, 0900hrs, MapleSEA will be giving back 5% of the @cash spent in cashshop in the way of MapleCash! NO MINIMUM PURCHASE IS REQUIRED and those maplecash will be credited to your account aftre the server check on 27th Feb!
Note: Only purchases made using Maple Cash is entitled to the Bonus Maple Points. Purchases made using Maple Points will NOT be entitled to Bonus Maple Points for this event.



2 unknown Dong Dong Chiang have been spotted roaming around Maple World every 30 minutes starting from16th January, 0915hrs(GMT+8) to 13th March 2013 0900hrs(GMT+8). We would need maplers help to defeat the Dong Dong Chiang from creating further chaos.

Upon defeating both the Dong Dong Chiang, players will be able enter the reward room through the Yuan Bao FoNPC to claim their reward.

There will be 2 different type of reward rooms, for those who have purchased a CNY event ticket before entering the Dong Dong Chiang invitation and have successfully defeated both the Dong Dong Chiang, they will be brought to a special reward room with higher rate to obtain rare items and a special EXP RING.

EXP Happy Ring*New
-Upon equipping the Happy Ring, players will be able to receive additional EXP from it.

Dong Dong Chiang Mount & Black Snake Mount*New
-Do remember to double click on the CNY event ticket image to redeem the event ticket image.

-CNY event ticket will be consumed upon each entry.
-Players are advised to utilize all CNY event ticket before 13th March 2013 0900hrs, no compensation will be made for any un-used ticket.