Well finally done with the time temple quest phew..

i finished the time temple quest thx to afew ppl and soloed myself but one part i could not solo is the part whr u nid to kill a dodo, i was soloing den i was send back to the previous place by dodo and when i was back at the map, a nl killed my dodo!

den i quickly find another and the nl was here and i ask her to pt and she did! and i finally get to the regrets!

CashShop Update and server check

There is a cash shop update and  and server check today at 9-12 and thers is mesos sack event and chaos ht coming OUT!!! i wish i could fight chaos ht but my computer is window 7 and it does not support maple and i will dc once in awhile but i will dc in boss or evens pqs =.= so i hope maple would be stablized by this patch. The mesos sack hmmm sounds like maplesea is trying to sell mesos agn… i rather buy from frens  lol =D