Personal Maple Blog #1

It have been a long time since I write a blog post like this. Been too concentrated on Mapling and other stuff ( like my real life part time job haha!)

I have been enjoying the Justice Patch that was patched into MapleSEA recently, it was fun. I enjoy playing the revamped thief/pirates and the new job, Phantom. I have again, shifted my main character and this time, I think I’m going to stay with him till he reach level 200.

My new main character is called ReImagined, a ultimate explorer chief bandit created using my Striker, Imaginal. However, I have been experiencing some lag problem recently and is unable to, play the game smoothly like I was used to.

Recently, I was also very lucky! I bought a few of the large cash shop surprise and I have gotten 2 pets from it! One permanent Persian Cat and A Corgi Pup!

Both of them look so cute XD!!!!!

I promise I will produce more blog posts and not be lazy to keep you guys up to date about MapleSEA!


Azwan Patch Notes!


Tomorrow will be the final patch for Justice Update which is the Azwan Patch!

Azwan patch will include Hilla(  A new boss monster) and a new “world vs world” pq! It also include the Inner ability skills!

Azwan is an ancient underground city beneath the Nihal Desert. It was recently rediscovered by the Cygnus Knights, following the attempt by its leader, Hilla, to usurp Empress Cygnus’ throne.

Hundreds of years ago, Azwan was a beautiful and thriving metropolis. The beautiful and powerful Hilla, who was a chief sharmaness, craved more power. In exchange for eternal power, youth and beauty, she betrayed her city to become a commander under Black Mage.

She took control of Azwan and used necromancy to revive its dead population as minions in her army. She lined the city with giant, magical totems to recapture the souls of her fallen forces so they could returnagain.

The obelisk that serves as the entrance to Azwan has recently reappeared in the desert and has come under investigation by the Cygnus Knights. Intrepid adventurers can join the fight, leading forces from Ereve in their battle to defeat Hilla’s army and free the enslaved souls of the citizens of Azwan.

By visiting the Mirror of Dimension, you will be able to head forth to the Cursed City, Azwan.


Occupy & Attack Solo

Occupy & Attack Party Mode

Modes: Occupy and Attack

What is occupy and Attack mode?
These modes focus on a tower assault strategy.

How do we play it?

  1. Stop enemies from progressing left.
  2. Destroy the Guardian Tower on the right to win.


If enemies reach the left side, the Guardian Tower will recover HP.

The Owl Tower
The Owl Tower drops rocks on you for massive damage. These rocks deal damage without regard for any avoidability or invulnerabilities that you might have.


How do we avoid it?
Try to take cover while they hover in the air for a moment before dropping.

The Guardian Tower
The Guardian Tower uses two powerful beam attacks that will deal damage without regard for any avoidability or invulnerabilities that you might have.

How to avoid it?
You can use your Cygnus minions as shields in this situation; if they’re nearby, they’ll take the brunt of the blast instead of you.

Watch Out!
Watch out for stone statues that drop onto the floor as it indicates that the Guardian Tower is about to release its super attack.

Hard and Hell mode
Hilla’s Monster Guardian will appear at an altar in Hard and Hell modes to increase the challenge.

What to avoid?
Avoid pentacles on the ground when it uses its storm cloud attack.

There are some differences between the Occupy mode altars and the Attack mode altars:

  • Altars in Occupy mode have a wider attack range than those in Attack mode.
  • Altars in Attack mode have an additional skill that recovers the Guardian Tower’s HP.


Defence Solo

Defence Party

Mode: Defense

What is Defence mode?
This mode focuses on a tower defence strategy. Prevent the Cygnus Faith Stone from being destroyed to win.

What are the strategies to win?
There are two strategies to win:

  1. Smash all of the ballistae
  2. Protect the Cygnus Faith Stone until time runs out.


When you see a message saying that a ballista has appeared, keep a look out for a red dot on the platforms. This is where the ballista will appear.

Avoid at all costs!

  • You have a limited amount of time to react before a ballista fires a volley. This is shown in a bar that fills up in a display that indicates the number of ballistae are left.
  • The ballistae launch faster and do more damage to the Cygnus Faith Stone at higher difficulty levels.


Supply Mode

Mode: Supply

What is Supply mode?
This area functions much like a normal hunting mini dungeon.
There is no difficulty option for this mode.

Where and when do we find this quest?
Accept the quest at Longorias beween 2PM and 8PM.

How to play?
Monsters will drop Azwan Supply Boxes. Collect 100 boxes and use the portal within the map to visit Longorias to complete the quest. This is a repeatable quest on a daily basis.

Reward System

Coins and Shops

Collect up to 150 coins per day by participating in the various modes.
Pick up your coins from NPC Woodwan in the Azwan Refuge Zone.

There are two types of coins:

  • Conqueror’s Coins – Most common Azwan currency.
    How to obtain it?

    1. Clearing modes in all difficulties.
    2. You can buy nine coins using one Emperor’s Coin through NPC Popodom in the Azwan Refuge Zone.
  • Emperor’s Coins
    How to obtain?

    1. Clearing modes in Hard and Hell difficulties.
    2. You can also buy one Emperor’s Coin with 11 Conqueror’s Coins through NPC Popodom.

What is the purpose of the Coins?

They’re used to purchase rare Azwan items.

What do these items do?

Unique Azwan scrolls, Circulators to randomly change your Inner Abilities, and other items. Azwan scrolls can raise your equipment stats quicker than regular scrolls, but they cost more upgrade slots to use.

Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre’s wares changes regularly as you rack up victories in Azwan, but they will be reset to mirror NPC Popodom’s offerings when you log out. NPC Popodom’s wares do not change.

You might be able to find special recipes and new Emperor equips for sale from Jean Pierre.

Honor EXP

How can we earn it?

Earn Honor EXP by winning battles.

When can we earn Honor Exp?

You can earn Honor EXP from 2pm to 8pm each day

Inner Ability

How does Inner Ability work?

Inner Abilities unlock as you raise your Honor level. You gain one Inner Ability at Honor Lv.2, a second at Honor Lv.30, and a third at Honor Lv.70.

What does Inner Ability do?

Inner Abilities are similar to the Potential System but it is applied directly to your character instead of your equipment.

What is a Circulator?

A Circulator can be used to reset all Inner Abilities. You’ll get better results from using higher ranking Circulators.

How to obtain a Circulator?

For every 10 Honor levels reached, you can obtain a higher ranking Circulator from the Azwan merchants.

Interesting tips

You can view your Honor level, Honor EXP, and Inner Abilities in the character statistics menu.

There is a total of 62 different types of Inner Abilities that you can obtain. Out of the 62 Inner Abilities, some of the more sought after ones will be the Attack increase which adds a maximum of 30 attack points and the Cooldown Skip ability!

With the discovery of Azwan, everyone is rushing to Nihal Desert. To counter the heat of the desert, we have prepared an Ice Box event for everyone! During the event period, Ice Boxesimage filled with cool stuff will be dropped from monsters all over Maple World. Grab the ice-cool items from the Ice Boxes, but be careful not to get a brain freeze!


Stand a chance to get the following items when you open the Ice Boxes!


Transform into this cute little penguins with the transformation potions and even transform into Jr Ice. Spiritand enjoy this winter! Also stand a chance to obtain a Purple Surfing Board!


-Open the Ice Boxes before it melts on the 16th of January 2013!
-The Ice Boxes only drops for monster above level 10 (Some monsters are excluded).
-You will not be able to receive any rewards if the Ice Boxes are open after the event date.

2. [System Event] Christmas Event (Event Date: 5/12/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT+8))

Monsters in Maple World are full of mischief, and they have stolen Christmas Ornaments from the Christmas tree on the White Christmas Hilltop! Help Little Beak and his friends gather as many Christmas Ornaments you can find, and bring them to the White Christmas Hilltop. You can access the White Christmas Hilltop by talking to Little Beak, who is located at all the major cities. Do not wait for too long though, the event will last from the 5th of December 2012 to the 16th of January 2013.

image image

Black-nosed Fur will collect the ornaments and place them on the tree, which will look fuller as more and more are put on. When it is complete, it’s leaves will fall, and the Christmas Ornaments will turn into Snow Crystals and scatter!


This is a Gateway Event, this means that when the tree has collected enough ornaments, it will drop Snow Crystals in all channels in all worlds in that particular gateway (Ares or Artemis)! Now is your chance to work together with your friends on other worlds for the rewards!

There are two types of snow crystals that will scatter when the tree’s leaves fall:
image   Christmas Snow Crystals
image   Golden Snow Crystals

These can then be traded with Fur Puff and Fur White for items and buffs!

image   image

Some items that can be traded with Christmas Snow Crystals:


And here are some items that can be traded with the rarer Golden Snow Crystals:


Remember, these are just a sample of items you can get with this festive event, so why don’t you get rewarded with all these great items and buffs while helping Little Beak and his friends?

3. Happy New Year 2013 (Event Date: 5/12/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

After Christmas comes the New Year! To celebrate the coming of the year 2013, MapleSEA will be several special events!

I) Monster’s Message

The mischievous monsters of the MapleSEA is trying to give you a message, but you will have to decode it. During the event period, monsters will drop alphabets. After collecting all the the alphabets and decoding the message, you can talk to the Maple Administrator for a reward!

Here’s a clue to the message!


Upon decoding the message, the Maple Administrator will give you a Devil’s Dice as reward!


Note: If the message requires more than 1 of the same alphabet, you will require that amount of alphabets before you can obtain the reward. (For example: The message is Three, you will require 1 T, 1 H, 1 R and 2 E before the message will be considered complete.)

II) Maple World’s Winter Preparations

In Maple World, there are many different towns and each town have their own way of preparing for the cold winter. The residents are looking for people to help them with their preparations and in return they will reward those who helped out with Snowdrop Coins


During the event period, you will receive a series of quests according to your level.


For example, the quest “Leafre’s Winter Preparations”, monsters carry with them Hot Stone to keep themselves warm and Chief Tatamo thinks that the citizens of Leafre can keep themselves warm using theHot Stone too.


There are a total of 17 different quests catered to different levels.


-You can only accept 1 quest at a time..
-You can repeat the quests, but can only get up to 20 Snowdrop Coins in a day.

III) Warm Thermometer


Cassandra needs help to test is her Warm Thermometer is working properly. She wants you to collect 1 degree items from monsters and use it on the Warm Thermometer to see if its working properly.


All you have to do is to collect this item which is drop from monsters all over Maple World and apply it to theWarm Thermometer. You can do so by double clicking on the Warm Thermometer item in your ETC Taband the Warm Thermometer will appear.


After giving 1 degree to the Warm Thermometer, it will slowly be filled up.


After filling up the b>Warm Thermometer, you can return to Cassandra to receive your reward of 20 Snowdrop Coins and the belt of your choice!


4. [System Event] Make A Wish Event (Event Date: 5/12/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

Ever wished that you could choose the rewards that you want from an event?

This Christmas, we will be having a Make A Wish event where you can choose the rewards you want!

During the event period, Fake Santa will be spawned in random maps.


This Fake Santa will drop A Wish Card.


After obtaining A Wish Card, you can proceed to any of the major towns to look for a Christmas Tree.


After submitting A Wish Card to the Christmas Tree, you will be given a chance to choose which items you want from the list provided. After choosing the item, the Christmas Tree will show your current count of items you have voted!


Tip: The more you vote on a particular item, the higher your chance of getting the item you want!

Below are the items that you can choose from!

Perm Rudolph’s Red Nose


This 2 Perm Rudolph’s Red Nose comes with 1 Red-Nose INT Bandage 60% and Red-Nose ATTBandage 60% each respectively.


Perm Rudolph’s Horn


Perm Chair and Mount



Gingerbread Man Cookie and Gingerbread Woman Cookie


5. [Gachapon] Gachapon Update


The Gachapon Machines are having a HUGE update! A total of 36 new items has been added to variousGachapon Machines.


Here’s a clue for you to get the items you want! Magician Items only appears in Ellinia and Pirate Items only appear in Nautilus!

6. [Gachapon] Gachapon Jackpot

Aside for the HUGE Gachapon Update, this December, the Gachapon Jackpot item is: Elize’s Lap!


Hurry to get your now! Before someone else gets it!