Today Is My Lucky Day~

About 1 hour or less ago, i went online to check whether my friend is online as he promised me to help me kill zakum for skill book! We went zakum after meeting at el nath and we bring along another friend! 1st Run we have one captain(my friend), one paladin( My friend too), and Me(dual blade). After killing zakum a phantom blow book dropped and i took it as im the only dual blade present without phantom blow book, 2nd run The paladin went to change for his dual blade, we killed zakum but no phantom blow book dropped instead a final cut book and i took it as the another dual blade has the book already ! Im sad for him but happy for me as well as i have both of the skill book that a dual blade need! im so Happy


and before i went zakum killing, i was at ellinia so i had to take ship to orbis, during the trip i was encountered by 2 crimson balrogs which i haven see for a long time~ and i killed both of them without problem and one of them drop the following recipeim so happy and i went papulatus after that but it doesnt drop papulatus transform potion D: now im waiting for the hot time and i hope that no events clash with it XD






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